1b Uncollat. 1-2m. 5% per month

Hi, Market Discussions.
I have a venture that I’d like to try my luck with, but I need additional funds in order to get started.

Requesting: 1 billion isk
Duration: 1 to 2 months.
Interest: 5% per month
Feel free to post your own offers / questions down below.

You are going to need to explain a lot more than that if u want an uncollateralised loan.

If u have collateral I’ll be up for 2%.

I was aware of that - let me try to offer a better explanation:

I want to buy unwanted modules, salvage and ore at 80-90% of Jita’s highest buying price. This would make me profit either turning them into things to export, or by putting them up on sell orders in the other trade hubs for improved margins.I don’t really want to post my ENTIRE plan up on the Market Discussions forums - that would just lead to more competition - I think, but my plan does go beyond funding for a mere buyback program. If you want to know even more, i’d rather discuss in game - but i’m still going to try to keep it vague.

I also region and station trade - I use my own isk for this, and I do it to fund my PvP habits. If something goes wrong somehow (Though unlikely), I make enough profit to fall back on to this in order to pay off the loan by the time it is due at the cost of reducing my isk investment in said habit.

Unfortunately I cannot collateralize such an amount at the moment, otherwise I would gladly accept Iedan’s offer. I had to pay for my sub recently, and the ships I could have used to cover collateral were sold in favor of staying omega.

Is this a more satisfactory explanation?

I’m open for negotiation on my interest rate if you feel that it’s too low for an uncollateralized loan.

Buying at a % of Jita buy price tells me you’re either trading between regions/stations or running some sort of buyback program. Not being in Jita would imply very low volume and lots of time hauling piecemeal.

You don’t even have 1b in assets, it is very doubtful that you could know what to do with 1b in isk.

I suggest going for a more manageable amount of say 250m or 500m that you can collateralise.

This is pretty much what a lot of people try to do when they first realize “Wow, there are stuff sold cheaper out here than in jita”.

Most of them dont really last very long because theres not really much point. Its such a slow grind and annoying too, cause you have to haul it from the four corners of New Eden back to Jita 4-4.

You dont really need additional funds to do this too, most of the stuff is just piss-poor small change crap.

I may take a chance on you. Have you found a creditor for this loan yet?

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