Uncollateralized Loans 150b 5% 1-2months 👨‍💼

The Bank Of Jita.
A professional business Corporation.
i am CEO admiral algos.

Main business:

1: business operations in jita
have 3 full trade and standings chars
Focus on Market and Contracts in jita

2: SP farming
have 20 chars in SP farming
about 70 large skill injector output each month

3: capital ships industry

a small language group ,we are very friendly .
800-1500 people. Lack of capital ships industry.
i have full capital ships industry char .
have Mining team cooperation.

my total assets are about 200B (fixed assets 100B + In the sale 70B + cash 30b).
Now i want to expand the size of this businesses :

Uncollateralized Loans 150B
5% interest/month
Minimum is 10 bil
with notice of 10 days Cash out .

Post here or mail me if you have any questions.

This feels like a scam, so in response I link you this:

2018.05.11 03:59:30 Player Donation 150 ISK 37,090,935,777 ISK [r] Makshima Shogo deposited cash into Admiral Algos’s account

150isk not 150b…
your ps skill is good V

150isk *5% =7.5 moth
:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: fun

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not scam

i am The Bank Of Jita.

bump Asia player need help

have 30 sp farm char now

So why would you need us. Farm away.

The amount of capital flow is too large
and there is relatively little liquidity.
sorry my bad english

now my total assets are about 230B (fixed assets 130B + In the sale 80B + cash 20b).
i want to expand the size of this businesses

But youre showing us nothing. You have no collateral, no history, nothing. And Yet you ask for 150 bill?

Would you give me 1 bill if i asked you?

sorry this loans Main orientation to “a small language group ”

I dont understand what that means.

  • You have no business history in regards to loans (giving or receiving).
  • You are not offering collateral as a protection for investors.
  • You have no verifiable income to prove that you can pay this back in the 30 to 60 days you’re asking it for.
  • You failed to explain what you want to use the investment for.

Those points are why people are so leery about even thinking of a small amount of investment. Maybe start small next time and offer collateral.

thank you tell me this.

  1. yes , i have not loans history on this forums.
  2. i do 20B collateral loans with my friends now.
  3. i dont know how to do a prove? please tell me.
    i have a sp farming and capital industry and other something now.
  4. i just want to expand the size of this businesses

my english is bad ,use translate.
thank you tell me this again~


and now
i will stop my capital industry
will go to T2 and T3 industry
in 5-10 day

In the past 7 days

i sell and buy more then 500+ gila or gila bpc on market :yum::yum:
Earning at least 30% profits

i am buy 200 gila and bpc with about 190-220m in 15days ago
and sell about 270-320m in 6days ago :hugs::hugs:

because i know gila is a very good ship for abyss.
and also gila is a very good ship for new plays.

the gila’s market supply and demand relationship is Change

and i think gila ship pirce will still up

maybe up to 350m 10days later.

you can see everyday more and more gila lost in abyss : https://zkillboard.com/kills/abyssal/

i give a formula

220M * (300ship/day+500ship/day) / 500ship/day = 352M

i still buy chars for sp farming or industry.
this juest a part of my buy chars:

i still do business in jita
i still do some industry

i need loans~