Uncollateralized Loans [Closed]

Loan closed and repaid, thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Can put Mogul Financial down for 15b in B shares.

I’ll take remaining shares

I accept both investments above, ISK should be sent to the following corp:

Anathema Holdings LTD. [AHLTD]

Will update one I recieve the ISK.

EDIT: ISK recieved, thank you.

January interests have been paid

Issuing 55 Class B Shares for a total of 55 billions open to new investments.

Filled, thanks.

Confirming 55B investment in B-Shares.

February interests paid.

Interest received! Thanks for the service, will definitely be reinvesting!

Expanded the loan as I have now fully invested the current capital that I have on hand

Two questions:

@Lord_Hook why do you trust this guy, and should I trust him as well?

@Fannie_Anathema How come you’re offering additional bonds (asking for extra money) right before the end-of-March-2018 cash out opportunity?

Hey probag,

You may also get some information out of the folks in the SCC-Lounge as to why I should or shouldn’t be trusted.

Currently, there is only 18 billions due to be cashed out at the end of March, as only a minority of the investors requested to cash out. Currently, my business in Jita is running okay, but without much wiggle room. I buy LP from L5 mission runners and seed almost anything that this LP can buy.

It is natural to worry about my liquidity. On an average day, I’ll have 350 billions of items on the Jita market and 50 billions of cash in my wallet. This is mostly high-volume items. In a bad month, I’ll be buying over half a billion LP and process one trillion ISK in transactions.

If I were to repay everyone, I could in a week. But then my business and the mission runners who value my service, which is quick and convenient, would be disappointed. It took me a while to build this customer base, and I’d like to keep things running smoothly. This additional investment would allow me to stock up a few more items, and thus cash out more LP every month. Currently this is all being sold in Jita, but I may also diversify to other hubs if everything goes well in fully stocking up Jita over the next couple of months.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord.


Hey, no offense was meant.

It’s not so much about the liquidity, as it is about the fact that you seem to be trusted with uncollat loans, yet I’ve never run into you in Discord / Slack.

I’m tempted to invest but cautious :stuck_out_tongue:

40b sent for B shares

It’s going to be difficult for me to convince you then. Heck I can’t convince myself why I had so much success. I just happen to like researching the market and have always been transparent and diligent with my investors :slight_smile:

On another note, interests for march have been paid.

Pre-Fanfest bump. There’s 20b available for grabs right now, and if you’d like to meet me in person at Fanfest, feel free to get in touch on Discord (Ben#6711).

I’ll fill the last 20bil whenever you’re ready.

isk sent!

Recieved, thank you.

There will be 55 billions opening up in B-Shares by the end of this month. I am happy to take reservations for it.

Interests for April paid, sorry for the delay :slight_smile: