The Anathema's Market Fund [3.5% - 120/150b - No Collateral]

I’m back! Getting back into making money on the markets.

If you’ve invested before or met me IRL at an event and are looking to verify that it’s me, as I’ve been away from the game for a bit, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Monies are due on the 14th of July, first interest payment due on the 15th of August. Reserve your shares here, first come first serve.

Interest rate: 3.5% to be paid on the 15th of each month.
Cashing out: Either party can exit this agreement with a notice period of one month.

I’m reserving the right to increase the loan size as I find more opportunities in the market.

– Investors –

85 - Fazzy Star
16 - Cor'El Dahken
15 - Brock Khans
4 - Roedyn

Welcome back fannie!
Just want to say I’ve helped fund 2 of their previous loans without issue:

I’ll go in 15b

I’ll take the rest.

Thanks everyone, that’s the loan filled for now. Will be spending next week getting up to speed and will expect payment to be recieved by Fannie Anathema by the 14th of July.

15b sent

Recieved all the ISK and finished my market research so I’ll be able to add in some more interest for the first month.

Thanks again!

Interest paid. Opened up a few more shares for the taking as margin trading is no longer a thing and I still have a few more items I’d like to trade.


I dont get it…

4% a month is 0.13% a day.

I could make that flipping one item off 1/10th of all my isk each day.

How do people get interested in these schemes when the margins are so incredibly low to the actual returns of the market?

Because I do absolutely nothing because I could care less to trade myself and get free isk every month

It’s basically 15m isk a day for giving someone else 150b?

Maybe check your math. 150b at 3.5% a month is 5.5b in interest a month. Seems like easy isk for me from helping someone do their desired gameplay

I suppose you’re right. That’s what me get for adding while at gym. Me no thinks good

Will be closing down the loan. Giving investors the option to get the interest and pricipal 10 days in advance (as it would fall on the 15th) or the option to get the prorated interest and principal back on the 4th of October.

Sadly not finding as many opportunities to apply my previous strategies and profits were just above the interest rates I paid so couldn’t justify taking it for much longer. Thanks for your understanding.

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Investment confirmed returned. Let me know in the future if you do it again!

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