(Fannie Anathema) #1


(CistaCista) #2

Oh this will be fun to watch.

(Zahara Cody) #3

Sounds like a pyramid.

(Brock Khans) #4

I’m new to the whole share game. How exactly does it work? We still send you isk, and those get converted to corp shares in game that somehow result in a certain % of payback?

(Sophie Anathema) #5

It’s quite simple. Some people were happy with the returns and will stay and some are not and I will be so kind as to work towards cashing them out sooner than later.

Isn’t that what a diligent investee should do?

(Sophie Anathema) #6

You may choose any amount to invest with me, in multiples of one billion. For each billion you invest, you will get 25 millions each month directly in your wallet. No Corp shares are used, although I will keep track of the investor list and amounts in this thread.

(Admiral Mason) #7

More like a Ponzi

(Fannie Anathema) #8

For that to be a ponzi I’d have to not be reimbursing my previous investors. You can have a look, repayments are being made just fine. I only have 50 shares at 1081 millions each left to repay.

That means that the market fun is about to begin!

(Fannie Anathema) #9


Previous fund repaid. Ready to go full steam ahead with this one!

(Fannie Anathema) #10

And another bump.

(Fannie Anathema) #11

Interests paid for October.

(Tiddle Jr) #12

wouldn’t mind if investors confirm interest receipt?

(Fazzy Star) #13

Can confirm interest payment (see link below).
Happy with the state of my investment, Anathema is doing a great job (in my eyes), looking forward to the future success of this loan.

(Fannie Anathema) #14

Bump. Interests paid for November.

(Gavrillo Ferdinand) #16

Confirming received interest from previous fund and have reinvested in this fund.

(Priamus Wyvern) #17

As investor:
Can confirm interest payments.
Cashing out my investment as needed also wasnt a problem.

As someone that has also used his Lp Buyback:
His buyback is solid.
The Isk required to cash out large amounts of lp in the lp store is ridiculous (~1bil per 1mil lp) so the loan amount hes asking for is reasonable for the amount of lp he moves and could move potentially (theres a backlog now even).
He buys lp at fair prices and is reasonably quick on the contracts so since it saves me a huge amount of time and tied up assets its a thumbs up from me.

(Tal lon Karrde) #18

Increased investment size by 4 billion ISK for a total of 5bil ISK

(system) #19

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