40 b loan partially colateralized 4 month Period (finished)

Information about my investment

Investment requested: 20b Collateralise (with anathema) 20b un-collateralised (total of 40b)
Return rate: 8% un-colateralised 5% collateralise
Investment Period: 4 months (16 weeks)
Total repaid: 52.8 B

“what is your defense plan and how do you intend to cover losses (assuming he even thought of that)?”

Due to the fact i plan to use injectors i also plan on an easy way to recoup the isk that is invested if anything was to go wrong, this would be by using the isk i myself am putting towards the fund and having the ability to liquidate the characters into injectors/ sell the characters off to repay any losses

“have you pitched this roedyn or his associates before?”

In the past i have mentioned doing such a thing and i decided against it instead i went and used all my own isk set it up and made plenty of isk before wasting it all and then quitting eve for 6 months (yes i nearly won)

“who else have you pitched this idea to?”

In addition to you guys i have actually pitched the idea to the Anathema before this to check what he believes would be the best method, i have discussed methods for if for some reason i was unable to get online how he could possibly liquidate my assets in a similar way to how he liquidated Cor’el.

“Why wouldn’t you just cut and run like others have”
So i have invested in a few different people in the past myself throwing isk into other investees such as Anathema and Cor’el this has lead me to realise that there is a lot more isk to be made if your willing to pay back than cutting and running. I have also learnt that if you default on loans in a way such as high admiral has that you just out right won’t get any more.

“What will the isk be used for?”
The isk will be broken down i would require 6 thanatos fully fit for level 5 missions this will be costing me 12b leaving me 28b with each puller costing between 5 / 7 bill i will be aiming for 4 pulling pilots overall this will cost me 28b.

“What if your system is being camped?”
So my initial plan to solve this issue was to just wait it out but then i realized they may wait longer than my investors get annoyed so i adapted and i realized that i can just buy new carriers in another constellation for reserver it would cost me an extra 10b ish BUT again this will be coming from my own wallet or from the isk i have made depending if i get camped immediately or after a period of time.

Investment requested: 20b Collateralized (with anathema) 20b uncollateralized (total of 40b)
Return rate: 8% uncolateralized 5% collateralise
Investment Period: 4 months (16 weeks)
Total repaid: 52.8 B
Minimum buy in : 1b
Maximum buy in: 40b

Investors List
Rhivre (20b un-collateralized)

Brock Khans (20b Collateralise)

I have 20b invested in my fund from Batuka, which will be held as collateral until Brock Khans is satisfied with the outcome.

My Lord Bazooka u still alive… Glad to see that and I scared much you strip down yourself for injectors.
You deserve a Poke.

@Fannie_Anathema @Batuka 20b sent to character: Batuka

Just a quick update the investment is going as planned and everything is ahead of schedule

after talking to investors i paid an early interest payment this month
next interest payment due 1st April

1b confirmed through my Mobile app has been deposited. Cheers

Confirming Interest paid

Brock Khans initial investment payed out agreed early payout due to profits being quicker than expected

Confirmed received.

Hope my toons that I transferred/sold works good to you.

Loan fully payed back early thank you for investment

Confirming received repayment.

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