2 billion ISK loan 20% interest (only intersted in next 10 hours)

Loan: 2000 Million ISK
Collateral: none
Interest: 20%
Period: 30 Days
Prepayment Penalty: None
Total ISK required to satisfy loan within 30 days: 2,400,000,000 ISK

Hey I got killed one too many times pursueing profits in low sec or wh. I can’t progress in a reasonable pace towards Omega with my Alpha character. But I made a char that is decent in clearing level 4-s even solo, did missions with other people, finished one off solo when other player could only get there in a weak ship to give me the mission location. I’m not willing to pay real money for this game, but I have moderate amount of fun doing security missions while listening to podcasts preferably solo.

I’m at the point of ragequitting the game, due to being forced into low sec for decent gains where other players kill me, or forced to interact with other people to start level 4 missions, and having to share the profits. Or grind for nothing. The 2 bill is needed to buy Omega, and build a decent battleship (previous one just got destroyed). I trashed all my leftover stuff and ships, and initiated deleting my character (10 hours), so I will either start clean as an Omega, or quit the game for good. I’ll check back here before the time is up to delete the char to see if loan is offered, and cancel deletion if given.

For previous loan referenes I had a smaller loan with Kinder Scout for 100m earlier here in this forum.
I’m also intersted in somewhat bigger loan offer (to get better modules on my new ship), or maybe willing to agree to not too much higher interest rate (if much higher, than with longer repayment period).

ill loan u 2b without collateral if u lend me 100m without collateral first.

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I trashed all my stuff. And gave away my money to the person that killed me last. My char currently is only my skills. 0 ISK. And a station container at Jita that I could not delete.

Your scam attempt would have been more likely to succeed if you didn’t make clear to lenders that you act irrationally, are a high risk of quitting the game before repaying the loan, and will probably lose the new battleship.

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This is not a scam. The risk is there for the lender you right in that, but I made my situation quite clear. Also I’m not irrational at all, I explained my logic as well that as an Alpha game is non enjoyable grind, and why don’t want to continue to play like that.

1: being alpha is not that “not enjoyable” at all. I am currently an alpha clone because my omega expired and I still make 1 bill in 2 days play.

2: giving someone a loan who is in the point of quitting eve is not good. because the lender might end up having his money gone especially in your case that you specifically said that you don’t have anything as collateral.

3: collateral is very important in loans since is protects the lender when you decided to ran away, but you made it clear that you got nothing other than that station container in jita.

now you can convince us that you are worth the risk when you got nothing as collateral and have a tendency to quit eve without paying us back.

  1. Please do tell how. So I could repay the loan in 5 days play. Or would not even need if can done with minimal investment.

  2. That is a given. Up to any potential lender what they willing to risk for 20% profit.

  3. I don’t know how that works, and is kinda irrelevant by now.

also: How could one have a tendency to do something on an account you can only do once?

Also. If you can make a bill in two days why don’t you buy yourself plex for omega? Seems like bs.

1: if i tell you, then you’ll be competing with me. (and I don’t like that)

2: 20% profit is not worth it if your capital/investment is gone

and why i didn’t upgrade my account? because:

  1. i don’t feel like upgrading to omega due to high prices of PLEX (i feel they are coming down in the next few weeks or months
  2. because I don’t really need to be omega at the moment.

so call is bs all you want, but I’m still not convinced that you will not run with our money.

There is literally no way to prove that one would not run with your money.

then, there ya go… there is no way to prove that if I lend you that 2b, you will not run away with my 2b.

That is a given. So why come in and point it out? Everybody knows that, does not make you a big brain or anything. Just some busybody trying to instert himself into a thing he is irrelevant with.

I came here expecting that you can convince me to lend you that 2b knowing the risk. but it turns out I’m wrong.

I didn’t came here to argue, and not interested in arguments, so I think I’m just leave you to peace and just wish you good luck.

The whole thing is spelled out in the op. I need the ISK so I can stop interracting with people and have some fun doing the thing I would want to do. What the f do you expect? You did not even aks a question, you do start to brag about how much you make (that can be a lie), you are unwilling to share how. There was no way to convince you, you know it even before you wrote your first post. You literally just came here to argue. Go f yourself.

No, all the risk is on the lender. There is literally zero risk for you.

Let me ask you a question. What do you think the chances are that a Jita Isk Doubler will send you 4 bill if you send him 2 bill?

Hint: Its the same chances that you will return 20%.

I think that pretty much sums up this topic.

You say you got 100m previously, and yet, why didnt you take that 100m, join a nullsec corporation, buy yourself a farming vexor and make 40, 50 million isk an hour that way? Why didnt you come to the New Player QnA section to ask for advice on how to make ISK?

You failed to utilize the resources available to all new players and even Alphas, failed once before with 100 million isk, and yet youre back here again, threatening to quit if someone doesnt lend you 2 billion. Im afraid that a lack of ISK isnt your problem. A complete lack of social skills and brains, is.

I don’t go nullsec because I most likely would not survive the way in there that deep. I don’t join corps because I want to play solo, and don’t want to get killed by random wardec-s, or whatever. I am playing this game for a month, I don’t have a chance in any pvp against players with years and I’m not aspiring to get my ship destroyed, and my put in work wasted for their powertrip.

When I got the 100 mill loan I did trading, which I hated, due to having to type in all the system names into market tools to find good deals. With some additional savings I bought a battleship from it, than payed back the loan. That battleship got killed in a wh, I was killing sleepers, and on my way out two russians killed my ship.

Then I stood back on my feet, this time without loan, doing wh gas mining, and exploration with frigates, both which I also hated, but was able to collect enough money for a Drake Navy Issue. That was fine tuned for battle only, pretty good ship. But I wandered into an FoB, which I thought was as easy as any other high sec escalation. I did not expect more than a habitation module and some ships (due to lack of warning, while lesser threat do have more warning), instead I got neuted and killed before I could even align to warp away. Those FoB caracals even killed my pod.

Fine. Slowly grinded back my way. Got a good deal on a Praxis for 60 mill. Fitted it properly to shield buffer tanks. Was perfect against npc-s. Was grinding level 3-s (would not do them otherwise, because it is 10 missions repeating, and rewards are a joke) to be able to do level 4-s. To find out that Alphas can’t do level-4s. I went into missions chat room. I was able to fleet with people to do them. My Praxis was fine for it. But I had to do sometimes 21 jumps to get to these people, so they can just decide to not do missions after all and go to do incursions after a single mission. Or they get killed by someone that is wardec-ed on them before we could even get to the mission (which is how I got to do a level 4 solo). That is just too much of a chore. Especially if you are into the game just to have something to do while you listen your daily (several hours of) podcasts. So I decided to do wh sleepers, and lowsec sites. Wh sleepers were too tough, because I there are no Raitaru-s in wh-s to warp to repair my shield. And on my first low sec pirate combat site, I got killed by an actual player pirate.

Note the value of the modules. This loss was 265 mill isk. Plus about 100 mill I throw away in various ways after this loss, my fancy exploration ship I lost going back to see my loot in that system (there was also a data site my battleship could not properly scan, I wanted to also check that, when this got killed too I throw all my remaining ISK account about 35 mill to my killer with a f u message, and thrashed about 20 mill worth of small ships, and 60 mill worth of loot, insignias, filaments that I were not selling for random reasons. Once I was done destroying everyting and cursing all the creators who didn’t let me do level 4-s on alpha and forcing me into shitty situations like this, I recalled this forum. So here I am, last shot at the game. In a just word I could sue CCP for my time they wasted, I gradually grow to hate them.

Otherwise go f yourself too (you and the other guy both deserve it), you just also came here to argue, completely unnecessary. Everyone know that risk is on the lender. Why do you feel the need to just come here to point it out? You are not being smart by point out, we fcking know. Part of the concept. Also guess what, Jita trader don’t have prior loan repayment confirmation here (for what that is worth), nor they put in this much effort to write anything (they are bots). That 20% interest I offer would be dozens of hours of my life, but I also said if it is not enough for someone they can ask for more in op, and I consider.

There are about 2 hours left (not sure if delete is automatic, or will it take an extra click), I’m probably be better off if noone answers and I don’t put any more effort in this game. Which I wasted half a month learning the details of.

Wow. You know, all of this couldve been avoided if you had joined a corp and asked someone. Or come to the New Player QnA section of the forums and asked around. If you want to play Solo in an MMORPG, designed, you know, to be an MMO, that is, Massive Multiplayer Online game, then I dont know what to tell you.

Again, my question was, why didnt you come to the new player QnA section to ask for advice on how to make isk? Or advice on anything, at all? You clearly found yourself to the forums, you posted here once already, you know there is a section called “new player QnA”, yet you chose not to utilize this really important, really useful aspect of the forums.

I frequently post there to help new players out. When you first asked for that 100 mill, you couldve saved yourself a lot of isk and time if you had just come and asked.

Well, no.

What youre basically asking from us, is to trust you. You are coming to us, asking us for something. Were not coming to you. The thing is, you are not entitled to trust, trust is earned.

Going “F*ck you, stop pointing out the obvious, are you gonna fill it or not?” is not a very good way to earn the hearts and minds of those around you. Infact, Id say it does the opposite. Ever heard of something called being humble? If you had said “I know, its a long shot, but i dont know what else I can do.”, and i wouldve sent you to the New Player QnA section to ask that and we could discuss it. You seem to really suck at PVEing, and thats fine, youre still new. But acting like an asshole to other players and cursing them out when they point out criticisms towards your request, is not the way to go. You wont go very far both in life, or in video games.

Oh, and by the way, incase youre wondering, Jita scammers absolutely do repayment confirmations by honoring small amounts. They say “Hey, send me 10-100 million, ill double it, 100 million to 1 billion, ill triple it, and 1 billion+ and ill quadruple it!” and when you send them 20 million, they double it. Thats how they make you think “Oh, this guy is legit, ill send him 500 million and he will triple it”.

Yeah, you dont seem to enjoy MMOs. Maybe play a single player game that allows you to save and reload and use Cheatengine or something to increase your money.

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