BANKING - How to secure loans

Finally, I think I may have determined how to secure a loan.


But I don’t know enough about kill rights to know if this could work. So let’s discuss!

The idea is if you’re worth some amount, then you provide a set of kill rights as collateral to your banker/loan-originator.

If you’re worth 1bil isk. Then you would provide say…10 kill rights to your banker so provided you default on your loan they can sell your kill rights at 101mil isk each.

Getting 1.01bil isk back on your loan.

The other part of this is you have to provide kill rights to ALL your alts.

So each kill right is valued the same. Not knowing what shady shjt you’ll try to steal the loan, and if you default then all the kill rights are sold in a bundle.

So if you have 12 alts. Then each 101mil isk bundle buys 12 kill rights in total, one for each alt.

If you don’t want to provide kill rights to your bank then you have no business banking with them. And if you aren’t defaulting all the time your kill rights with your bank can become more valuable and the bank may demand more kill rights to reduce the value so kill right hunters don’t have to pay so much for a bundle…

Kill right hunters can be kept on the Banks payroll since the goal is the kill rights never have to be used, a Marc’s gotta make a living somehow.

So being on the bank payroll would retain some loyal talant.

You know killrights are worthless right?

They last 30 days and if you have ISK on your head the party that kills you only gets a tiny % of the value of the actual kill that is paid from the pool of isk on your head.

Also, what is with you and all the crappy posts you keep posting? You know there is an idea forum sections right?


This wouldn’t be used in the traditional sense of a killright. Where a killright is gained piecemeal by activities of a pvper.

These kill rights would be numerous in bundles so that you can hound a player’s entire alt-base (that you can recon or they divulge).

30 days is sufficient. And the timer is based on when you activate a right. Isn’t it?

And people who want loans aren’t going to be small fries…kill rights against someone doing millions of isk activity is obviously not going to want a loan or be worth loaning to.

However people with billions of isk can’t just sit on their thumbs for a month or won’t.

And that’s only per activated kill right.

You and your alts may have dozens of kill rights in the bank’s possession.

Why should he be any different than the rest of the people posting here on a regular basis?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Come on now, you’re talking to the best player ever. He knows everything remember, he looks at something for 5 seconds and instantly knows everything there is to know about it and probably made 300 bil isk in the process.

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I’m probably the only player here who earned his wealth in game and never bought plex.

Also the value of a kill right is in what you kill.

If you pod a capsule that’s your own stupid ass


You need to play the game more. Kill rights are hardly an issue.

They use collateral. That works better… and since this is an “idea” post. Maybe make the effort to post in the right section.


Pod Kill counts as well.

Collateral was an idea of mine in the past but it expires and doesn’t cover a margin and also the goods can be transferred and put in an inaccessible station.

EVERY idea of securing a loan seems to have major short comings.

Maybe the kill right does too but I know if I were still doing pi and I had active kill rights against me that changed things quite a bit.

Yeah but why would a hunter want to kill a pod for a kill right he’s bought? The idea here is to enforce trust on something more valuable. Giving you essentially a wardec on war immune players.

Oddly enough… Pod are sometimes worth more than the ship you kill.

Always pod after a ship kill.

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Yes but do you see what I’m trying to suggest? A hunter killing something like a person’s freighter would be worth more to a bank punishing a defaulter than just trying to kill a pod.

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Anyway the idea is can kill rights be used to discourage bad loans/fraud etc. Not if the kill rights themselves can be made profitable.

So who is going to go after this person with a killright?

Bank members on Bank payroll.

Because I think eve is too “narrow” to be just one thing in EVE, technically a Bank would probably be a pirate company of friends/corp mates running a pirate fleet out in Low sec or raids into null.

Or an alliance backing the bank.

The hunter would be paid to hunt. They’d buy the kill right to refinance the bank. But otherwise the bank puts them on a stipend that is covered by bank’s supposed profits from its own activities.

Which I suppose in theory could be dividend to shareholders so hunters would be Bank shareholders and Corp mates.

And take the opportunity for pvp kill rights on the side of usual activity in game.

The kill right ensures that whatever the bank knows about their defaulter can be punished. The hunter wouldn’t be trying to just make a kill. They’d treat the pool of kill rights like an opportunity to extract punishment against a defaulter that can’t hide in highsec.


And that is where it just becomes overcomplicated and falls apart.

Nothing stops me just avoiding the killright for 30 days. Nobody knows all my alts.

This problem exists with all the banking activities.

Kill rights still seems to make more sense than collateral.

A bank can ask for proof that your 3 characters represent specific things. Such as freighter pilot.

That way some high value targets can’t be easily transferred to an alt.

30 days of “inactivity” costs a player a lot.