Collateral Loan Contract Idea (think Pawn Shop)

Hello capsuleers,

I was looking for a place in forums for this idea but none really stood out, except possibly here.

I post this seeking feed back. The idea may be good, it may be bad, it may be in the works or it may have consequences I haven’t thought about but I think it may be something to think about.

What about a type of contract that allows a pilot to place collateral (a ship for example) a loan request, a time period, and a repayment amount.

The lender can accept, transferring the requested isk to the borrower. When the borrower pays off the loan, he or she receives her collateral back. If the time period expires before the borrower pays back the loan then the lender gains the collateral (but obviously looses the isk to the borrower).

Would this be good for the EVE economic eco system? What are some possible consequences that may not be obvious at first thought?

I have no idea whether this would be easy to code and add into the existing contract system or not, but it strikes me, at first and second thought, as a neat possibly that may be useful. (I can also see some ways that it can be worked as a scam, but that’s with any contract).

Thank you for your thoughts on this. If it survives brainstorming maybe its a thought worth passing on to developers.

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What’s the point?

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This is just a small selection of threads where this has been previously discussed. They all pretty much come down to why should CCP be involved in this process?

If someone wanted to start this up right now they could do it. You’d just have to trust them to give your stuff back once you paid up.
But as @Scoots_Choco asked, what’s the point? Is there a market/need for something like this? What is the scenario where a player would need to borrow some amount of ISK and were so desperate they would put up some valuable item as collateral?

Coming back to the game after a break, but wasn’t there a channel in the forums for investments/ loans?

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