Isk Lending inteface

How about an interface where players can ask for loans and other players can fill them, kind of like people do on the forums now.

Imagine a list of unfulfilled loans with progress bars for the amount asked for, specification of the percentage return etc. Players lend money and the money becomes unlocked to the recipient once the loan has been fulfilled and locked for the lender for the amount of time the loan was requested for.

Players can build up a reputation bar to prove themselves legitimate. The payments would be automatic, taken care of by the interface, and maybe there is a mechanic that allows players to run off with the capital or something to spice it up, I’ll leave that for discussion.

I personally want the idea as I don’t have much time to play, and really do not want to spend any of my time playing to earn ISK, I just want a way to earn ISK to PVP. On the flipside I imagine this system would work nicely for traders of all levels because it seems like finding investment on the forums is a real pain, and maybe players that need a quick boost for whatever reason could also find a way to use the system.


A feature for game-facilitated collaterized loans based on the contract system was proposed by CCP Quant a while back … unfortunately it has no development priority. I don’t think we will get this anytime soon.


This used to be a thing in EVE. Apparently I was the only person who ever used it, so it was removed. And even I mostly used it to keep track of who I lent stuff to rather than as a method of making profit.

Aint gonna happen. There’s several problems, a few are self-compounding at that. First of all, what happens if someone fails to pay back? do they go into negative isk? Then what’s to stop them from biomassing an alt that ‘borrowed’ several billion isk?

Furthermore, using you as an example, if you dont want to spend any of your time making isk, and would rather pvp, how the hell do you expect to repay the isk you borrow? A few bad fights and you’re broke and incapable of doing ANYTHING.

The old mechanics that used to exist addressed every last bit of your concerns. The problem was that nobody ever used it, so it was nuked.

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Can you elaborate more? Looks like I’m not long enough in the game to have expierienced that …

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That’s the idea of building up a reputation. This lending goes on on the forums already, the suggestion was merely a way to make this part of the game more accessible.

I would not be the one borrowing, I’d be lending ISK and making returns from that.

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lol, u are not the only one who used that in the past and it was removed for a certain reasons not for no-one use that.

It was a loan contract. You could put items and/or isk in it, going either way, as well as a reward. If the contract wasn’t completed on time, the lender could “fail” it and keep the collateral and reward. Pretty straightforward. I’d used it mostly to loan out T2 ships to corpmates, no collateral, no reward, just an easy method of tracking what I lent to whom. I’m pretty sure I lost a couple ships when it was removed. As far as legitimate public loans, no, there were never ever any public loan contracts posted. Not even scams.

Thanks for the info, this looks like a nice feature just needing some tweaks like an interest mechanism, etc. I can’t think about a reason to not having that in game - technically it’s not much different to a courier contract today.

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You’d think so. But the only reason the devs gave when removing it was lack of use. v0v I fully understand why nobody used it, but I don’t understand why that was enough to justify its removal. Maybe QA costs? Maybe there were underlying bugs?

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It was the case of increased scams due to all faction items been traded via contracts and it was hard to define actual value, so placing dummy collaterized item with fake value and never complete the loan contract - take money and run. It’s been widely used by trusted to each other individuals but you know, there are no friends in eve when the big fish comes.

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