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could be possible to implement system of banking - loan plans into the game?
I started with cooperate with friend on market trading, helping him with funding his account with interested rate. We came up with xls sheet, gathered few other players, who likes this kind of earning isk. It would be good to set like automatic payouts for involved members. We have to use xls today to keep records of trading, and percentage monthly return. Since the game is kind of huge database system based on python, it wouldn´t be so hard to make it go.


In a game of anonymous alts, how will you ever be able to force people to pay back?


already have, that type of investments, works just fine.

If it’s “not so hard to make” why not make some website where one can log in and make that work?

So what’s the secret?

a bank in eve. hmmm thats been done many times before. this being eve they all ended how you would expect :slight_smile: some took a while to take the isk but always happened.

so much drama involved so a new bank is encouraged, can i pledge 20 billion isk !!


Its a great idea but sadly hard to implement with in-game activities. I’ve heard of a guy doing collateral but I don’t think it works that well.

People used to IPOs, legit and scam before. I miss those.

there are already several banks in eve it already works with the current mechanics, no dev time needed.

Sounds great. I’d like to borrow 100 billion isk please.


This is a terrible idea.

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Banking has always been great in EVE…

EVE Banking for Honest Chaps

@TIVL_TWL …Why should anyone believe you even have enough isk to do viable banking in EvE? Give everyone who has posted in this thread so far 10 billion isk each as a small gesture showing you might have at least the right business attitude to maybe be taken a little seriously in EvE banking.

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i’ll take 10 bil isk

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This is a great idea for a player created, player run and player enforced system. A perfect opportunity for players to seize opportunities without CCP’s handholding to show them how a good system works. He should definitely do it and create a great bank for EVE.

I agree.

And his first order should be to lend me 100 billion isk.

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Back when EVE was a PvP game a long time ago, you could hire mercenaries to hunt and gank them, and declare war on any corporation they made or joined.

I miss those days.

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Its gonna get worse.

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