Isk loans

Hi there.

So Following a successful website Building services I have provided for eve, I have decided to now is the right time to launch me ISKLOANS Service.

We Provide 100% Collateralize loans to players who need is, but don’t want to sell there stuff to get it.

The loans are simple.



Send us a Contact with your collateral in exchange for the ISK you applied ( essentially we buy your assets off, of you temporarily )

I can say we are not here to scam, I personally don’t want to irreversibly damage my reputation for a a few hundred Million.


Really hope to those that will benefit from this service, will use this service

Fly Safe :slight_smile:

What’s the point unless you’re accepting single atron hulls in exchange for 1 billion isk?

i think theyr more looking at carrier / structure sized colleterals not for frigat huls :wink:

nice service, like a pawn shop basically. never thought of that before but hope it takes off!

Loans are more commonly discussed here. Also, shameless self-promotion:

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