ISKLOANS Now Lending - 100% Collateral Loans @ 3-5% Interest Rates

o/ - Welcome to love or hate to this post.

For any legitimacy concerns, I also have a respected Web Design Service with many customers here - [SERVICE] WTS Web Design and graphic design Services + Hosting

All details on the website for all Loaning :slight_smile:

Not looking for any investors. Plenty of ISK to lend.

FAQs -

Apply -

Rates / How it works -

Thanks for Reading :slight_smile:

PS : Haters are welcome to hate :slight_smile:

Edit - Thanks to @dark Engraver - Spotted a loop hole on weekly repayments that doesn’t protect the borrower. WEEKLY REPAYMENTS NOT ACTIVE CURRENTLY -

Lump Sum Repayments are active

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This is perfect.

You can build reputation by making the 1 lump deals legit but the weekly payment ones is where you can squeeze in scams as the loaner pays yet you don’t offer any of his collateral back until it’s all paid GG.

If I were you i’d make the rates smaller for multiple week payments to lure more customers and gain more isk

Bugger Missed that Loop Hole - Will edit the main post to say weekly repayments are on hold. - Thanks

Your other legitimate service isn’t a guarantee that one is too. CCP doesn’t allow scams for allowed real life services such as things regarding EVE-related websites, graphics, and hosting. CCP does allow against scams for wholly in-game business transactions.

Your website states this:-

Who Can Apply for a loan?
Any Imperium member is allowed to apply for a loan. This is a service only provided for imperium members, as a perk of being in the alliance.

Why are you posting here, rather than on Imperium forums?

It was originally intended to be for imperium members only - I decided to make it available for all of New eden. I will remove that when I get home, I thought I had removed all mentions of that. There is a lot of text on the site. Thanks.

You can hire me to proof-read and test your website if you like.

My English is not the most amazing in the world I have to admit :joy::joy:

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