Loan shark here. Looking for muscle

I plan on loaning PLEX in return for ISK and need some muscle-for-hire to make examples out of the people who don’t pay me back. Any takers?

I am seriously wondering how you plan to pull this off. What makes your investment sound at all like a good plan, and what’s to prevent someone from just defaulting on a loan? What if you can’t find the person who defaulted, even if you have the ships to kill them?

you need some help?

I suppose even legitimate real life lending institutions lose money sometimes, so some losses will definitely be incurred, but the risks are to be mitigated. There will be a discord setup where people can apply for loans and accounts will be reviewed. If I determine the account to be a throwaway alt the loan will not be granted. There will be a few things I’ll be considering when reviewing accounts.

The lending limit will be low for high-risk loans.
In some instances collateral may be required.

In the event that somebody fails to pay the interest on the loan and completely defaults on it, I will have a perpetual bounty placed upon them.

from what isk

I’m buying a few thousand Plex in a few days and will be selling 1000 PLEX for around 5 billion ISK and keep the other 500 PLEX as capitol to loan out or pay people with.

I would highly recomment not doing that until you understand the game a little bit more. Read up on the scams and heists of EVE’s history before you spend real money, especially to start an investment bank.
I think it is equally likely that you are scamming people or that you are honest and will instantly end up getting scammed yourself. If you turn that over in your head it will nicely show how confidant I am about this plan.

This is majorly sus, by the way. I would not even consider your offer, in any circumstance.

Also, bounties don’t work anymore, and even then people are very hard to find and kill legitimately. A lot of your bounty recipents might just use an alt to kill themself and collect the reward, or just never reappear in the game! That isk can easily be transferred to alt accounts.

Does this game even have bounties?

Not in-game anymore, but did they ever really have them to begin with?