Looking to invest or loan out 100b. Collateral is a must

Title. I have north of 100b isk that I want to lend out to a person or an investment group.
Collateral is required.
Payout per month is negotiable.

Please mail this character or discord: AJ Crendraven#4547.

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Plex is at an all time lowish area. CCP is rumored to release a new fps integral to eve sooner rather than later from the London office, ie the new game will use plex.

Next year plex could have double demands with same or less supply.

Buy 100bn of plex u will not be disappointed. Throw me a few bn next year, from your profit.

Plex is tied to a real world price so has a good foundation price pinned to the dollar & irl Korona. As the virus ends people will have less $ to spend on plex instead spending it on irl activity.

CCP has charity drives for plex where they will take your plex off you & provide $ price to charity. Dependent on your domicile tax laws this could be used to offset owed irl tax, at purchase point or donation point.

Being plex heavy allows me to call myself an eve owner player. Although plex is not a share in CCP it does mean they owe me server time which is a great feeling.

50 more years of eve, you are welcome.

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Sounds like a great way to get scammed.

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Wow, you don’t sound like a person I would like to be associated with anyway :frowning:

hell you couldn’t even get back with me on the evepraisal, so yea… no money for you…

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Im a nice, honest guy, so im not surprised you wouldnt like to be associated with me at all.

Hahaha, and yet he changed his threads name to:


Sad attempt at scamming.

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Read the thread, I found someone else already dude.

Yeah, the thread says you found him. And now he’s saying you never sent him the evepraisal link. Which means you didn’t find anyone.

So now its this mysterious third person who magically gave you a bill.

What a scam if I ever saw one.

Bruh I found someone in the game. Shut the hell up if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Now stop harassing me because you are salty you didn’t get to loan to me.

Yeah, we know, you said you found Geo Eclipse Oksaras.

Make me.

Geo already tried, and you didnt even get back to him. Sounds like a scam, to me.

It’s not him, STFU, and leave me alone. I found someone in-game not on the forums.

He said okay and you said okay and within like 10 hours of accepting you found someone else? Without even giving Geo an evepraisal to see if you could get a better deal out of him instead?

You cant seriously think were that stupid, can you?

Dude u don’t know what ur talking about, I found someone else like a couple of min after by just poking around in some chat channels, he didn’t even loan me he just gave it to me, no longer any point.

Quit being salty you didn’t get to loan to me and let it go bich.

Haha, sure. Then Joe Biden rang your doorbell and you went skinny dipping with him in the baltic sea.

Cmon man, just admit it. You were trying to scam and you failed. Its okay. We already know.

But I wasn’t,
So quit trynna keep on getting me to accept your loan, I don’t want you, get over me.

First off, Lol.

So a couple minutes after 2 days of accepting, and you got a billion isk ROFL.

Secondly, more lol.


I just got 100 isk from the future.

Even as a photoshhopped pic, you couldnt even get the date right rofl.

At this point im just laughing at you.

This is so entertaining :slight_smile:

I know you’re a salty jerk who’s just mad they can’t loan to me. Get over yourself. I do not need you anymore, you are of no use and I know that makes you sad. I’m sorry but you’ll just have to move on. I don’t need your loan anymore. So stop harassing me. And no, that picture was not photoshopped, why would I go through the pain of photoshopping that just to prove myself to a salty loaner who’s mad they didn’t get to loan to me. Sucks to be you, sorry, not. So stop harassing me.

Because you dont want others to know youre a scammer? Duh.

Unfortunately, you couldnt even get the date right. Hahaha.