Seeking Capital For Small Trading Operation 15% APY 1 YEAR No Collat

Updated 5.29.2024

I am seeking Any Investors of any amount of ISK in capital to expand my thriving trading operations across The Forge.

My Primary goals are to break into EVE’s Investing and Trading circles, you know who you are, and to gain valuable experience in EVE Business by running a successful profitable corporation, reporting earning, reporting shareholders, paying dividends, paying successful returns etc in money management.

:moneybag: Attractive Returns:
Invest with me and enjoy a 15% APY! [UPDATED 5.29.2024
PAYMENT SCHEDULE expect payments on the 1st of the month every month.
proof of payments sent would be posted to the discord server F3ND1MUS RESEARCH LABORATORY, and likely here on the forums as well.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Flexible Terms: We value flexibility. That’s why we retain the option to pay off the loan earlier than anticipated. A 30-day notice on early closure and repayment of loans to ensure you’re informed every step of the way.

:mailbox_with_mail: Stay Connected: Have questions, comments, or concerns? Post here or contact us in-game MAIN character name F3ND1MUS



Eve Who - F3ND1MUS


IDK WHY this is reserved…maybe someday i will know.

i know people hesitate to invest since they dont want to be scammed, i got told already, i am working on ways to show proof, i have hundreds of alts, and i trade alot, here is what i can see now, and im working on getting corp numbers up asap, i could use guidance andhelp with actual data parsing lol

if anyone knows how i can show corporations trade earnings im all ears. im new to sharing my corporate earnings publicly, i dont even know what i make i just know i make tons of isk.

Plex gives a better return then 10% per year so giving you money would basically be throwing it away even if your not a scammer.

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interesting, what is a good return for people then?

Inflation last year was 18% plex went up roughly 20% meaning your probably looking at 24% interest per year for people to actually ever think about investing
(Note last person to do this raised 630bill by offering 10% interest per month stuck to his word for a couple months then took it all biggest scam in eve online history)

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And I’m terms of proof screenshots of alts, wallets, networth and SP to prove you have the means to make the money would be a good start.

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600 billion doesnt sound like the biggest scam in eve history, and sorry there are scammers stealing isk like that, my reputaiton means more to me than 630 bil isk lol. even 100 bil isk i wouldnt risk my rep for that, i am not a scammer, and am working to show work and proof, of what i do with eve tycoon or ESI for my corp earnings.
And we are getting somehwere now with actual numbers.
i will crunch some numbers and see whats what, i might have to take smaller loan or something idk.
I am trying to go public and work with the community as a trader and good earner because this is what i do in game and i like the idea of forcing myself to learn about ESI and reporting earnings to the public.

yeah i agree with this, i have my alts in my corp and im working on the proof, i made like 5 bil yesterday.
but my usual earnings fluctuate wildly.

Screenshots ?

this is all unofficial stuff

eventually i want to go public with official earnings and payouts etc im slowly working my way there, this is the best i can do right now , and i hate to get anyone in trouble [I BLOCK THEIR NAMES], if people are stealing from their corps and selling to me or idk whats happening but im making a killing out here

Well from what I see your buying stuff outside of jita for cheap then hauling it to jita to sell correct ?

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yup, thats the essential of it, but i get alot of buy in jita too
buy everything from every where and sell it either in low or null sec and jita

Interesting well when you sort stuff out and get the discord and all the running let me know and I’ll give you a bit cause interested to see how this goes

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i appreciate it, i will get my ducks in a row i am actively looking for a person to help with setting up ESI from corp transactions to public discord and i will start keeping track of earnings for public records and slowly transition into a public company.

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update i am in talks with a developer for creating public discord tracking of earnings.
progress is being made. o7

deal reached with @Michael_Agar to setup a public discord, stay tuned for more updates.

For now this is the best I can do for financials, I am working on more stable and solid disclosure of financials, but here is what I am able to dig up pre going public, this is from eve hr, and i do not know when the start or end date of this is.
the big 3 bil transaction is moving corporate hq to jita, vanity, but a long time goal of mine.
some contracts likely shipping related.
market escrow ie buy orders.
profits were like 8 billion? idk, im still sorting through data, i have never really looked at market fees or anything while being a private trader, sorting it out to go public really puts it all into perspective though, so im grateful to the market and for the opportunity to grow.

in the spirit of being transparent i just learned i can do this:
export orders
and here is the corporate orders: