Uncollateralized 2b loan, 1-2 months, 12% monthly

Hello! My name is Riley, and I have been playing EVE for quite some time. A while ago, I used to do market trading, SP farming, and some other stuff in a female only corp. I was actually pretty good at this, and I made several billion a week, which I used to fund myself doing stupid ■■■■ in blingy ships.

However, due to real world predicaments, I had to leave the game, so I gave away all my stuff so that other people could have a chance at the success that I had. It was a pain to kiss my assets and characters goodbye, but I knew that in the end, I would be helping someone out who needed it more than me.

I believe the key to my success was diversification. I believe if I had stuck to just market trading, or just SP farming, or just hauling, or whatever, I would have never had the level success that I eventually did.

Anyways, enough talk, I need some money so that I can get the ball rolling again. I need 2 billion ISK, and I can guarantee I can get it back to you with a 12% interest monthly within 1-2 months. I’ll be using this for market trading and to buy skillbooks. And, of course, all of these terms are negotiable if you wish :grin:

Fly safe! o7

When you say you gave away your stuff , does that include characters ?

This Riley persona seems to have been created today.

Who were your old character names ? Can we see the character bazaar posts where you sold them ?

How are you going to guarantee this?

IIRC, I gave away all the characters except for the SP farming ones in private sales to friends I had met along the way. I’ll try to dig some of the posts/friends up but I can’t make any guarantees.

Sorry, reposting this because I messed up the mention thing in my last post :sweat_smile:

With an initial investment of 2b it won’t be hard to get 480m+ in such a long timespan via market trading, hauling, and other such things. I’m confident enough in my abilities to say that I will buy the difference in PLEX by then if I haven’t made that much money (which, of course, I will!).

Thats not what i mean. Im asking, what prevents you from just running away with the isk?

Your “word” is not a gauruntee.

Well, I don’t have anything in the way of collateral right now, that’s why I said I needed it uncollatoralized. Other than that, I don’t really know a way to give you a guarantee. I’ll admit it is a risk, but I swear you won’t regret it. What could I do to guarantee this in your eyes?

Oh yeah, and here is my discord if you want to talk there: golem#6159

What year did you start eve? Who was your main that you have given away

Api history of your previous toon will do.

Otherwise, your thread is no different than a scammers thread.

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Hard to give ESI access to a character they no longer possess. So…

Hey guys I’m getting ready for hurricane Florence (convenient timing i know) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

He gave it for free to someone, surely that person owes him that much.

K. Good luck with your hurricane.

After talking with Riley for a while, I’ve decided to start him off with 100mil at 15% per month to see where he can take it. If that goes well, will consider increasing the amount.

Riley, please confirm and make sure to keep updated status in this thread of when you make the monthly payments.

Received, will keep you updated

It’s interesting when someone wedges irrelevant information into their communications. It makes me wonder why they would need people to know the information, or if the information is intended in a manipulative way.

What do I know though?

Nothin’ that’s what.

BTW im a female too. When im online, im a 16/f/cali and international supermodel/doctor with 6 PhDs and living in a billion dollar mansion, looking for a boyfriend. Youd be surprised at how many horny men are willing to part with their [insert video game currency here] to people who pretend to be women. Its a sad reality.

130mil (principle and 2 months interest) received last night.

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