Uncollateralised Loan for period of 3months,

35billion isk uncollateralised loan, 10% interest over 3month period, (3.5billion)

Buying myself supercarrier. + some isk to put back into trading, to increase my market wealth!

How do i make my isk.
Market trading
Running DED-Sites 10/10 8/10 and more…
Pirate misions, (250mhour)

  • have friends that could vouch for me!

Elite pixels trusted guy flew with for awhile, nice guy to fly with, he got my vouch and has always been a straight shooter

Flown with Elite for over 5 Years, decent and trustworthy pilot. +1 Vouch.

Although I’ve only known the guy for the best part of a year now, never once known him to do another wrong, decent, sound guy. He gets a vouch from myself, a sound loan if I had the isk to do it myself.

It might help you if you get vouched by peeps who didn’t just join the forums 10 minutes ago. People are going to be suspicious. :male_detective:

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That shouldn’t matter look up vouched Pilots info and see pilots history (remove tin hat)

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Understand what you mean Alexi Stokov

Some of my friends dont tend to use forums, but i do wanna show to the public, ive always been trusted and respected.

for 3month period, i could build up my capital due the SC and increasing my trade!

So i asked my friends ive known for some time/years to vouch for me!

Can’t see that via the mobile. MD are not a trusting lot.

his character isn’t even a year old, seems like a scam

I vouch for Pixels too. +1 vouch

Also Known Elite (and the character he had before) for Over 5 Years Flown with him with the best of times being had. Vouch +1

I vouch for Pixels as well… I’ve known the guy for a few years. I’ve always had a good experience. He’s never done anything bad or questionable from my knowledge. Vouch +1

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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I just had long chat with Elizabeth Norn, as he’s well known for loaning and big moneys! Gave me some tips and advises

[23:19:48] Elizabeth Norn > borrowing in MD with no reputation there, based on the vouches of people who never post there, is unlikely to work

I agree with him, as i am new to the forums and on market discussion, (as my some of my friends are due the new forums) i wanna build up my rep! i also wanna add by that, if you wanna invest in me for 1bil or 2bil or more, would help me alot, to atleast start capitalize in my trading! On that side node proof i am legit dude

Beat me to it.

Spot on advice, I’d suggest you start with a smaller loan of something you can collateralize 100%. Seems you have enough friends that should be able to help you come up with the collateral that you don’t have yourself. Or even if all of the (7 I think so far) were to each contribute 5b they could fund this for you, since ya know, they did vouch

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before i posted this forum thread i did ask around, most of my friend have capital, but not liquad, so that’s why i wanted to go here i did some research, even if people have 1/2bil to invest in me for 3months period, i could show i am trustworthy. Help myself to build up rep on the forums, like other big guys as Elizabeth Norn, Tiddle Jr

I just got the advise to start small isk wise, so that’s what i am gonna aim at, earn my rep/trust

Even 1/2 which would be 17.5b investment with no collateral on someone who doesn’t have history is quite risky and a great haul if you are planning on scamming. By small I think it would be more targeted to 1-2b max assuming you don’t have any collateral.

Or even a 500m uncollaterized loan. I’ve seen a handful of those go to people with no history for a shorter period, like 2 weeks.

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Here is one I was thinking about


I took my rubber boots and rainy coat on, and would do 500m as investment.