IChooseYou - Investment opportunity [see other thread for official details]

As some of you may know, I operate some of the largest player owned markets in EVE. Installing the infrastructure for these operations costs a significant amount of isk. To date, I have always used my own isk. However, I am now considering opening my doors to investors, so as to allow me to engage in additional investment opportunities.

Nothing is official at this time, but I am considering obtaining a loan of 200-600bil in order to fund additional ventures. I am making this post to see if there are any interested investors.

Proposed terms:

  • 5bil minimum;

  • 1 to 1.5% monthly return;

  • Duration would be 3-6 months; and

  • Could include an early withdrawal option, at which point you would forfeit a portion of your interest.

I am really just interested in knowing people’s thoughts on this. I have never taken out a loan before, but as far as trust issues go, be reassured that it is not in my best interests to be labelled as untrustworthy.

If you would be interested in investing, please leave a comment in this thread with how much you would be willing to invest, and I may contact you to provide further details.

I’d possibly be interested in a couple of hundred bil investment

Might be interested also. Would like more info when it becomes available

I’d be interested in investing 5b.

Id be interested, depending on details

I am getting several mails about this and I thought that I would clarify.

I am not sure what details people are looking for, but I do not intend on disclosing what exactly the isk will be going to. This would only opens myself up to competition.

Your investment would also not be “at risk”, meaning that if I don’t make significant profit, I still pay out the interest rate.

In order to get this thing started, I want to make sure that I can at least secure 200bil. Otherwise, I don’t think that this would be worth the effort that comes with managing a fund.

If people have suggestions, please feel free to include them to me in a mail.

Cheers o/

A few questions about this:

  1. What is your current personal NAV?

  2. Since you haven’t held and returned public isk before can you give a breakdown of why you are pricing the debt at an interest rate typically only offered to established borrowers?

  3. I appreciate that you don’t want to give too much away but could you soothe a risk-averse investor’s qualms by laying out the kinds of risks that this venture won’t involve? For instance, no nullsec, no destructible structures, etc.

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2% per month
6 months

I’d be down to put in 5b, feel free to get in touch.

Any previous bonds or loans taken, secured or unsecured, any collateral offered on this bond/loan?

None of the above.

Once upon a time, investees used to perform due diligence and follow “known good” investment proposal guidelines.

Did this change, during my absence?

The young’uns have lost their way.

Seriously, though, I think this forum has just slowed down to such an extent that loan proposals are comparatively rare these days so new investors aren’t exposed to many examples of how it should be done. It’s been a progressive slide in that direction for the last four years or so but activity has dropped off even further in the last twelve months.

Also, good to see you are still around!

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I would invest 5 to 10bn.

I will be officially opening an investment fund. Will offer 1.5% returns to anyone contributing 10bil or less and 2% returns to anyone contributing 15bil or more. Loan will be for 4 to 6 months. Will start a new thread confirming.

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