First EVE loan

Hi all,

Looking to start a very lucrative new business in Gallente space. I have done my research and while i cannot give any specifics due to potential competition I do need to secure a small series of loans to get this rolling.

I will need likely 3-4 series of incremental loans not exceeding 2 trillion isk with the first around 750billion to start.

What I need is some trustworthy third parties and loan institutions to come forward so we can get this started and make tons of isk together.

Thanks in advance

Data Laughing


This is not very helpful and likely against TOS for cyber bullying and emotional distress. Will report this.

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Welcome to the Marketplace! Good luck in your business ventures!

Unfortunately this guy quakegod is threatening and bullying members trying to start businesses. Toxic.

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Are you putting up collateral? Also, for that amount are you willing to put forth a plan (confidentially of course) before hand?

I wouldnt call it cyber bullying, you say its your first loan and are starting off with around 750 billion with no mention of your plan, no mention of collateral. I think a fair few people who do do loans laughed at the post.

Its basically “I have an idea, lend me 750b for it”.

You will need collateral for a loan of near any size as you are new to this.
You might get 1-2 billion uncollateralized if an investor is bored and just thinks “what the heck”.

Look through the market discussions at previous loans. People have something to give or something to work on. Be it collateral (usually in excess of the loan amount) or a reputation.
This character is barely 24 hours old, visited the forums the first time 2 hours ago at point of writing this which also happens to be the time you posted this.

My honest advice to you is unless you have collateral to cover your loans, you may as well walk away from this idea now.


Maybe it’s 750Billion Zimbabwe dollars. I’ll just spot it to you man

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I figured out what opportunity he’s talking about!

For the low low price of 600Billion in 5 easy payments you TOO can profit wildly with me!

1% dividends per quarter starting Apr 1 2021

He probably wants to buy New Order shares.

Im sorry what is this? I always look for good investment but no its not about buying others shares. Mine shares will have the value.

Aint that the truth.

would like pledge 15b.

@Honest_Investment_Banker, take it easy dear fella! From those numerous posts I’ve come across I was able to conclude that QuakeGod seems to be nothing more but an ordinary forum warrior/troll who will judge you 99% of time for whatever you suggest claiming that it cannot be done because he says so as he knows it better. This is not the type of a user you should ever pay attention to. Better get into some more productive conversations with those who might say that what you’re suggesting might not be quite right but explain or share some advise that could add to what you’re asking/offering.
This is the one of 3-4 people I’ve seen here whose responses/opinions should never be taken into consideration as they’re almost always nothing more than a poorly thought pointless critics.
Cheers pal.

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