[Filled] 60 B Loan

I am (once again) lending 60 B to @Riperd_Jacks . As usual, I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to him for 61.5 B (including 2.5% interest). The loan will expire on 2024-02-10.

While I am happy to have a returning client, I would be equally happy about new customers. Contact me if you are interested in getting a secured loan!

Do players realy fail into this kind of bullshited collateralized trap ?

It’s amazing !

Scams are a part of EVE, but so are unfounded accusations of scamming.

I am simply offering a service, much like pawnbrokers in real life. If you have no need for my services, that’s fine. If you don’t want to use my services because you don’t trust me, that’s fine also. You decide whether it is more likely that I’ve been tracking loans in this forum since 2017 in order to trap people or in order to run a genuine business.

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For sure !

The loan has been extended until 2024-03-10. Interest payment for the first month has been received.

The loan has been extended until 2024-04-10. Interest payment for the previous month has been received.

If I have some assets that I’d like to keep, let’s say a batch of 1000 PLEX, I could throw it in as a collateral and get about 5 bil worth of liquid ISK. That way I can use the money to generate profit, and kick back some percentage to Saken for providing me with liquidity. Where’s the trap in that?

That’s the idea, exactly. And there is no trap.

But there is in fact a brief moment where you have to have at least some trust in me. I will typically not be able to offer you quite what your 1000 PLEX are worth (because I cannot sell them for profit, but must hold them until you pay back the loan, or until the loan expires). I might be able to offer you, say, 4.7 B. So the moment you have contracted your PLEX to me and received 4.7 B in return, I could sell them for a quick profit of 300 M, instead of contracting them back to you as promised.

I have never done that, of course (nor will I ever). Alas, I don’t know how to offer solid proof of my trustworthiness, so Dart remains free to think whatever he wants.

Well, the rate itself can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, I was just using the figures as an example rather than a hard value.

The loan has been extended until 2024-05-10. Interest payment for the previous month has been received.

The loan has been extended until 2024-07-10. Interest payment for the previous month(s) has been received.