Hey guys :heart:, I made my first billion ISK in eve 2 days ago, and a person who I trusted and I thought was my friend scammed me out of 900 million ISK. I am left with 80 Million ISK :frowning: I am looking for someone to loan me some ISK. I am prepared to put up collateral, I have a Gila, Praxis, and Astero I can put as collateral.

I will use the ISK to invest in the market. I have experience with this, I just need capital to help me get back on my feet again.

I am not only looking for a loan of ISK, but also friends in the game and people to help teach me. I am capable of making ISK, but it takes ISK to make ISK and that is something I am running very short on.

Please, if you have advice, or if you are willing to take me up on that offer, reach out to me in-game and we can set something up. I am prepared to pay back the loan with interest. Please, if you are capable of helping me, do not hold back. This is not a scam, so please do not bash me in the replies.

Thank you to all of you, whether you help me or not. Any ISK is much appreciated, any advice would be appreciated just as much. Thanks so much guys. :heart:

Create a evepraisal of your collateral

Ok, I will. Thanks for the help! I will get that to u in a couple of min, need to finish something up. :slight_smile:

send me an evemail of the evepraisal, and i’ll figure out how much i’ll loan you

How did he scam you?

Long story, I found a guy who loaned me, but thanks for the interest. I tell you how I got scammed for 1 bil :wink:

Ill give you 1 bill of my love if you tell me.

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