Can delete

closed my bla bla


Bye o/

sCaM o/

Fly Safe o7

Fly Safe mate o7

i too require a 25b loan but i’ll do 5.01% monthly

i can get on 5.011%

Have a nice evening o7

Why are you asking for such a huge amount. And what makes you think you will get anything even close to 25 billion isk?

Have you ever tried asking a bank for a 20 million dollar loan without showing anything? You will get laughed at, then escorted outside by security.

So, one bad gatecamp and you lose billions? Okay. Sounds safe and secure.

Why cant you provide collateral? Youve lost 20 billion isk worth of ships so far. Surely you can offer 1-2billion isk collaterals.


So try it with your own isk. Dont try it with ours.

Thats what everyone who scams, says.

Why dont you provide collateral? If you have the freighter, blockade runner and jump freighter, you should have plenty of assets.

i think it is useless to discuss with ppl they breake the plans of others with the aggressive bla bla. so i make it self with more time investment.


Another one bites the dust.

Again, this is what every person who scammed have ever said. Do you not understand that your thread is no different from a person who scams? Why should we trust you? What reason do we have to trust you? If you cant offer any reasons, then why should we?

iam friendly XD

They all are. Scammers who act like assholes dont get very far.

i just kidding :wink:

i can handly the contracts self so atm i dont need a loan.

Have a nice evening.

If you were capable of it, you wouldnt have made this thread to begin with.

you are right, but things have changed and so i have more capital for use.

So thanks for your tips.

But of course. Mystery ISK just popped up, now you dont need the thread. Conveniently after it failed.


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