Loan Request / Loan paid at 10% (Finished)

Im attempting to aquire a loan. I over extened myself on a project I was doing. I need to buy and fit an Orca for my 5 man fleet.

1.4 Billion isk.
10% Interest to be paid in 15 days or sooner.

Asking for a loan as soon as you join forums, i think i’ll invest what’s the collateral?

As title say Non Collateral

Orcas dont cost 1.4 billion isk.

Not even a fully fit one.

What type of modules are you trying to buy? Faction fit or something? You dont need a faction fit orca, you just need one with T2.

Maybe lower your ask to like 600 mill or something?

Look at my history on the old forums.
Also im an established character.

Would you like to recheck the inflated market again?

Im going to cancle this loan request.
Wasnt thinking about the forums not carrying over my old history. I can understand the hesitation from the few of you.
No hard feelings, and fly safe!

597 million in jita.

What are you talking about. There is a deflation in the market right now. Have you not been paying attention? This would explain why you came up short.

You can still link to the old forums, it’s not like it’s been deleted.

No worries. Ended up getting my loan anyway. Fly safe guys.

Mysterious lender. Yet again.


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Why does it matter to you?
Are you that childish that when something happens good for someone else it butthurts you that bad?
Given the same thing, but reversed, I would be happy fir you.
However you show everyone what being a 14 year old is like again.
Fly safe young one

It matters to me because i care about other people.

Im pointing out how sketchy and fishy this seems, and warning others of how this was potentially a build-up to a larger scam.

You were asking for 1.4 billion. Zero collateral. Didnt even know how much an orca cost. And when it became apparent how people werent filling it, it was filled. Think about it from our perspective.

Doesnt that seem suspiciously coincidental to you?

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See a lot of people dislike solonius but what he’s pointing out the blatently obvious. Everyone already knows you’re trying to scam, it’s just the rest of us are laughing silently at your shitty attempt while he’s willing to call you out :slight_smile:

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What!? I thought everyone loved me.

I cannot tell a Lie, and i cannot keep quiet either.

Which is why i wouldnt survive in prison. :frowning:

Somehow you attempt to know something, when in fact you dont. Believe what you want. However with 3 mminutes of searching the old forums you will see you, and anyone that made the same assumptions is wrong. And again thats your right just as it would be mine.

Edit: Once im able to repay and conclude my loan if any 3rd party us willing to confirm (with compensation) the data I would appreciate. Rather not have my reputation ruined at the expense of others.

I mean, thats the problem isnt it.

You handled the response criticisms fairly poorly.

My original response to you was that of trying to help you. But instead of double checking to see if your info was correct, and that you might be mistaken, you doubled down.

This doesnt instill a lot of confidence to begin with, when you dont even know how much you would need to buy the orca that you said you needed the ISK for.

And then in the same day you find a mysterious lender, who lends you your amount with no questions asked.

Again, look at it from our perspective. Isnt that a bit suspicious?

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You are 100% correct. Im man enough to accept that fault. Im a returning player after a 2 year break, and should have handled my ego better.

No there are conditions. And yes I agree looking back I handled it very poorly. I also hold no hard feelings twards you guys.



Lol nice gesture however wrong game.:confounded: