PLEX for sale?

Is there a group that loans ISK so i can get a head start than pay back cause, i out a courier contract and lost everything. I had about 10mill in assists and lost lol of it
Did high sec ratting for a few months and lost it in a day

Not the right section, and unless you have collateral, the few loan sharks in game wont loan isk.

I don’t see anyone loaning you money based on this post. It seems like an extremely high risk investment given that not only does a lender have to worry you might be unwilling to repay, they also must consider the likelihood that you are simply unable due to incompetence.

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If you have a friend in Horde who personally knows you and trusts you, that might be your best bet. Otherwise I really don’t know and expect it to be pretty hard.

How much isk do you need anyway as working your way back up might actually be faster.

Welcome to EVE.
Either you buy PLEX for isk or… enjoy that corvette.


That doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t take months to make 10 mil. Also you’re in Horde so ask there for help.

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This isn’t the begging forum. And nobody’s going to loan money to someone who’s just stated he’s likely to lose it with no ability to repay.

You can literally earn 10 million by running a set of career agents and combining the payouts with selling off what they give you.

Don’t be a space hobo. Learn to earn.


Ask your buddy the Pandemic Horde to include you on the loot pinata the next time you attack Goonswarm Federation like back in 2021.

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Send me an evemail in game. I’ll get you back on your feet in a Destroyer and then show you how to actually make isk. Teach a man to fish, ya know.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

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