(Xsirb Deysa) #1

I dont have any intricate plans for the isk or how to yield profit from it, truthfully i plan on blowing up in beautiful flames with it. I plex every payday for isk and have busted out this cycle until I get paid on thursday to re-plex. Looking for a 2b loan uncollaterized for a 4 day duration with payment in full +500m on thursday, 1b with 250m return is acceptable as well.


EDIT: No longer seeking / accepting any loans at this time ~ Payday is now close enough that it would not make sense :slight_smile:

(Elisha Valor) #2

Does CCP allow scamming, on a public forum? I am curious if you failed to honor your end of the agreement, if you could be held liable with an account suspension.

(Alexi Stokov) #3

Yes they do as long as it doesn’t involve character selling.

(Krysenth) #4

Scamming, with the exception of character transfers and anything that reaches the realm of criminal acts, is allowed. Things such as “loans” and whatnot, are fairly obvious to determine if they are scams or not. Mainly like this one.

@op, if you want a thread closed, instead of editing the title and hoping someone notices it, flag your initial post. An ISD will get around to it.

@isds’ I flagged the OP’s post for him, but there isnt a “I want it closed” option for others, so spam flag was the next best one (before someone tries yelling at me for it).

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #5