ISK Loans Player to Player

Player A puts a contract with money, interest rate and final date to get paid.

Player B takes the contract (and the monay $$$) and has until the date to pay player A.

Player B can’t biomass while contracts are active.

Player B can’t extract SP while contracts are active.

Contract colateral if not fulfilled is the transfer SP (extracted after downtime maybe?) of player B to player A.

I like it.

Some additional mechanisms could include foreclosing on Upwell structures. Like you could come in (along with a CONCORD escort) and board up the docking area and change the station’s password. The borrower could “fight back” against this by barricading inside the station, and not undocking, forcing you to go through a lengthy eviction process with the local NPC judicial corporations like the Republic Justice Department.

Also, a mini-game in which you get access to the borrower’s hangar and repossess their assets.


Doesn’t this just become a free skill farm unless there’s a cost to making the contract on the order of the extractor costs? And if it costs me 400mil to loan 1.2b why would I do it?


I think you’re looking for this thread.
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It could be fairly simple to add a ccp contract for loans, even useing an tweeked courier contract.

So player A wanna loan out x amount of isk

Contract it like this

Loan amount - 1bn
Colleteral requiered - x items
Intress - 5procent
Duration - 30days

Then player B takes that contract and ccp holds the requested colleteral until player B repayes the contract plus intress, if that do not happen, then player A gets the colleteral

New alts are disposable and their assets or SP worthless. That’s why ingame loans from character to character won’t work.

Even if you put up restrictions like ‘minimum amount of SP’, ‘no biomassing’, people will find a way to abuse this system.
One example of abuse: I make a new alt, loan that alt ISK with my main. The I donate all money back, but don’t actually pay back the loan, leading to the free extraction of SP from that alt to my main. Free SP, nice!

Loans based on trust from player to player might work, why not try that?

The only issue is that you can’t trust everyone.

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If this idea were going to work it would probably have to be both pretty straightforward and limited. Involving skill points is a completely bad idea for reasons stated above. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with the person offering ISK taking on a fair amount of risk, it’s their decision after all. Instead of a lump sum payment, loans could garnish a certain percentage of every transaction much like taxes. The biggest problem is with new players taking on too much debt and having their play experience ruined by basically becoming indentured servants, ultimately leading them to quit the game and leave the debt unpaid.

But with certain restrictions like max loan caps based on skillpoints, collateral, interest, transaction garnishing, and maybe limiting loans to mutual contacts only, it might be feasible. The only question then is if there are enough uses to justify the implementation as opposed to just using contracts.

Pretty sure we already had these in the past, they were removed, should be enough of an explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need a loan in an MMO you are doing it wrong.

Wouldn’t this just be what we do nowadays with item exchange contracts, with either a third party or the risk of lender default?

oh stop dat
i take loans all the time
my friends have farming sure cash
i dont
i need working capital some times , i ask for 1 /5 bill loan almost every month
helps a lot

Open chat channel -> negotiate terms of loan -> transfer isk.

That is it!


The devil’s in the details. It helps you a lot, but I imagine you don’t NEED the loans.

There isn’t a NEED for loans to the point that CCP needs to program that as a feature IMO.

ok fair
i can live with no loans
but ill have to wait like 6 days to receive some money from the marked and them do that other move , with the loans i can do all in one day next day i pay my friend and GTFO of jita for example

If this is a straight 1:1 transfer of the loan value in SP, then this is easily abusable:

Main - loans ISK to Alt1
Alt1 defaults on loan
Main gets full SP at 1:1

So if my characters are already at 200 million SP and I want a quick injection, I could exploit the free SP transfer from an alt to get what I want, without the expense of extractors and the lower injection rate; all while not really spending any ISK because I just loaned it to myself.

If it isn’t a 1:1 transfer, then really what is the incentive to loan any ISK?

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There is one big flaw that makes in not viable ever, even when it would somehow work flawlessly.
CCP will laugh in your face when you will mention it because that idea removes PLEX from the equation.
Get wealthy but on CCP terms.

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This is the real answer. CCP doesn’t want to encourage loans because you can just buy an injection of ISK via PLEX if you’re short.
It’s not necessarily bad either, it’s just their business model.

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There’s also the thing that friends easily lend friends ISK …
… so there’s no actual need for a loaning mechanic anyway.

Loans are for people who can’t just ask for it.
“Market Discussions” used to contain evidence that all it takes is asking for it.
Maybe it took effort asking for it, but it’s still just asking for it.

Maybe people, who can’t even ask for it, shouldn’t be getting any money in the first place.

Am I making any sense?

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I can lend you money.
Just ask.

ill ask if i need
ty my friend :smiley:

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