In-game Loan System Theory

Here is how in-game loan can be implemented easily.

  • the char taking the loan needs to secure it with its skill point. it needs to specify how much SP or skill injector will be used to secure the loan. This can be in the form of a contract and any char willing to make the loan can accept it.
  • with the above said, the amount of loan a char can take out depends on how much SP it has and what injector price is going for.
  • when a char takes out a loan, it can no longer use SP extractor.
  • a char cannot use the same portion of skill point to secure multiple loans. For example, if a char has 40 mil SP and if it uses 10 mil SP to secure a loan, it will only have 30 mil SP left to secure other loans.
  • if a loan or interest is not paid in time, in-game mechanic will automatically extract SP from the char taking the loan and give that to the char making the loan.

Brainstorm and discuss…

CCP would need to enforce this and they’ve shown no inclination to secure other forms of collateral. The trust aspect is part of the risk/reward balance.


CCP does not need to manually enforce anything!! The game mechanic I described above is autonomous enough to automatically handles everything.

SP can already be used by offering injectors as collateral.

Yes but that requires actual extraction. What I’m proposing is to use SP as collateral without having to extract if the borrower pays interest and the loan back on time. The game mechanic will automatically extract the SP used as collateral ONLY IF the borrower misses payment.

Another way of saying CCP needs to enforce it.

That’s a terrible idea.

Why is that?

Because CCP are a third-party to the transaction between the two players, but also a direct party of subscriptions we pay them in order to train skills up.

Having CCP implement a mechanic to automatically strip skillpoints from characters of players that have paid them money in order to be able to train those skills isn’t a good look.

If two players want to use skills as collateral that’s one thing. But having CCP police that is another and I don’t think there is anything good about the appearance of that.

That’s just a personal view of course.

I see no reason to have a collateralize requirement. But it would be nice to add it as a feature to the game rather then a forum discussion.

Though this is an interesting idea, I would be more than willing to give out isk if I new the return was in the form of SP.

Furthermore, since it is normally corporations that need the capital, a corporate stock market would be a good means with which to raise capital, and stocks can be traded in game between players. The current stock system seems pointless.

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