Can you make money with Kill Rights?

If kill rights pay the owner of the kill right when activated, then what’s preventing you from making a lot of isk just undocking from Jita?

It seems some ships are guaranteed to be locked on undock. My DST was insta-locked several times undocking.

So if that 10,000,000 sell-fee goes to a character they just made a bunch of money lol…

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And again you demonstrate to have no actual understanding of anything.


I think you’re a tard.

Does not specify WHERE the isk goes when activated but implies it just goes to the owner of the kill right.

Meaning you can self-serve from undocks at Jita if your alt or a partner owns a kill right against you.

There is a whole section titled “Selling kill rights”. Do you think it would be called that if you don’t get the money?

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Just FYI and surprise, there is an entire business based around that activity. One of the prominent service providers of such in Jita is the guy whose killboard I link below, but there are plenty others at Jita and other trade hubs and probably elsewhere too.

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Haha epic thanks, that’s why I asked. How would you have even known to find that guy?

On my Jita thief alt I see him most of the time sitting outside the docking ring far away enough to be a tempting target. It is obvious what he is doing. I was involved in killing his stuff several times on my thief alt when someone was activating his killright when I was present at the moment so I just looked up my thief alt’s killboard and linked the guy’s killboard.

Ooh what’s a Jita thief? ~.~

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Nice way to lose your posting privileges kid.


I flagged him first! =(^_^)=


God, I ■■■■■■■ wish.

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Just to make sure the kid here doesn’t think he had a genuine idea. I made 9bil to setup my first big ganking operation by tricking some idiot miner into repeatatly buying a self setup kill right on my alt. This whole business is older than kid’s toon here.

And if you really have to ask how this stuff works and can’t figure it out on your own you will probably never make any ISK with it.

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Look at that you had to justify your wealth in game due to his insult, how amusing…

Wait, you call that wealth?

I never said that. But this kind of out of context bullshitting is nothing new for you.



According to Blackwater/Academi, yes… :money_mouth_face:

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