Why would you fly a freighter towards Jita when you have a kill right on you?

I was jumping and did not have the time to check how much the kill right was going for.

So, likely a scam?

wait… clones. :thinking:


I think some people just forget or don’t check.

It does raise ones eyebrow, when a Fenrir is flying with a 40M bounty through highsec.

Most are scams though.

Suicide is painless?

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It brings on many changes…

I’ve caught mission runners, incursion pilots and freighters with cheap kill rights multiple times. As my mentor used to say ‘always rely on stupid’


Mine always said :

“If mosquitoes land on your testicle, then you learn that violence not always solution.”


I caught a Nomad on a high sec island where he thought he was safe. Best 40 mil I ever spent! :laughing:

Most are scams put on a freighter pilot by his alt, then along with an insurance pay out, you can actually make isk for losing your freighter.

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yep. I’ve heard of people putting 500m-1bil isk kill rights for sale on their freighter, insuring it, and letting it go on AP around highsec with a double wrapped package. Sounds like some easy AFK money.

also if you have a cheap kill right and want it gone just undock from jita 4-4 in a hauler, at least that’s worked for me every time.

Don’t even need to have it on a freighter. I used to routinely travel around with a 1bil kill right on me. Many people mistook it for 1mil

Check the amount need to actiovate the kill right. Lots of times it is higher than the value of the ship the pilto is in. The pilot created his own kill right and makes a bit of profit by getting killed.

I don’t understand how you are making isk if you are using one of your own characters to put the kill right on as it will cost you that amount of money so you will only make the money on any insurance… or is it to make the insurance money back too?

Nah. It is “Bounty” that costs money.

This scam works in a different way.

Scammer attacks his alt in high-sec in an Ibis and gets CONCORDoccened. Alt get a killright on the scammer. Then this alt shares this killright for everyone and sets a price for activating this killright. Scammer undocks in a fully insured cheap ship and waits until someone activates the killright. Alt gets the money for activating his killright, Scammer is either killer or tries to warp away (that’s why some of these ships with killrights have warp-stabs installed in all available slots)

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