Hey, got a killright put on me for a lot of isk. What now? I can’t pay it off and I’m effectively unable to do any pve in HS because of it. Just log off for an entire month until it runs out? Kinda ■■■■ if so.

Wearing like a badge of honor and strut…

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Just going to look like literally every other killright scammer though aren’t I

Yep…you’ll mostly be ignored unless you are really binged-out or somebody is feeling lucky…

Use your BMs and you’ll be fine…

I fly incursions tho, don’t even have level 2 in any missions. Wont at all be able to fly incursions with a km on me. :confused:

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose…same rule applies…

…and it will only happen once so…

Embrace it…and based on your KBz, I think you’ll be fine…

Kill rights are the only way for people to stop you from Tornado ganking, the other of course is loot denial. If you don’t want a kill right put on you then stop ganking. Amusing troll post though. 7/10

I’ve nado ganked literally one person, not sure if you don’t pvp much but everyone has to deal with killrights from lowsec pvp. They’re borderline unavoidable.

If you can’t do the time…

Go somewhere other than highsec and be free of the burden of being a worthless highsec farmer?


Just hang out in jita for a while, it will go away.


I wish. Need to save isk to inject into an ikitursa first, then I’m out of hs.

I’ve made myself available in in a battleship. The killright is 100m, the battleship is 145mil. Still no takers

Only did it because my other pc is dead, so couldn’t log my alt and can’t dualbox due to my cpu fan dying.

Make a forum alt to ask questions like these if you haven’t :slight_smile:

Rule #1: Don’t gank with your cash cow.

Yeah, learnt that the hard way. Kinda ■■■■ that all that kill rights do is enforce the use of alts.

It’s actually the norm for all other methods of earning isk; not because of CCP, because it just makes sense.

You don’t use your miner to gank.

Undock in Jita in some nice industrial. Dock after kill right is activated. Get your friend to pod you with no implants.

There’s always someone scanning cargo in Jita

Don’t pod with your cash cow…

Great idea, tyvm.