Danger warning :

Look if you ever get ganked and want to do something about it please send us your kill rights. Don’t make them public or the ganker will just claim them their selves.

A new group in Uedama the vegemite collective , I presume they are Australians , may be wrong they all, right now have high sec status and not one killright , why don’t people use them

Please sent us your kill rights now under -5 and they can be kill anytime so no point in these

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Stranger Danger! Runaway!

Danger Danger high voltage

Not sure why this come to mine



How many gankers you fight are not < -5 so you actually need the killrights? Honest question.

There are a lot but only small groups eg The Leopard guys what ever there name is , gank in jita and keep ss high , most tornado gankers keep it up high to , safety sometimes have the odd pilot with it high, then there are these new guys in Uedama that hang around all above -5

Lone gankers like below
X-100 female I want her kill rights

I’ll do a list in the morning and a list of people to send them to

So as you can see it can add up and in the past we have had some good hunts like killing 3 nados after bumping off tether then activating there kill rights and all he needed was an afk tether permit.

I believe all the permit does is , we don’t laugh as much in local after the kill if they hold said permit

What about all the miners and haulers that get ganked by you Githany? Who should they assign their kill rights to?


Looking over recent replies, Aiko, as she was giving advice to haulers on how not to get ganked and Githany was telling them it was lies lol

They (and this includes me) don’t use them because they/we don’t know how, and in my case having looked it up a few times find it obnoxiously hard to remember how it’s done.
This is one of the many issues with the UI that I have that make me think that CCP needs to shift their priorities from making obnoxious changes to actually fixing stuff that should be easy.

Anyhow, that’s why kill rights aren’t used, most people haven’t got a clue what they are or how to deal with them.

Come to think of it, maybe adding a link in your posts or actually explaining how it’s done might help you (and the rest of us) actually activate these things. Meanwhile CCP could add a link in the killright mail saying “click here to activate” but knowing them they would use mine buttons and six unreadable transparent windows with tiny fonts that match their background colors to do it so maybe I should shut up and not give them any ideas.


I can answer that: me, I need to learn this stuff and it’s not happening.

Nevermind, here it is:
Kill Rights - EVE University Wiki.

This need to be boiled down to a few sentences. I will work on that as soon as I’m done reading it, provided I understand all of what I read.


Loyalanon is from New Zealand.

Oh I didn’t know that

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