Kill Rights loophole

Situation -
Someone ganks me in high sec. This gives them a standings hit, and CONCORD comes for them, and I have a killright for 30d to claim. Fine.
If I find them, and claim the killright, they are notified, and then dock up, switch to a corvette, exit station, and fire on concord or self-destruct. This voids my killright.

This is… quite a loophole. While I get that empire PvP is silly anyway, I think this loophole needs to be fixed, as I’d like to be able to actually kill them in the ship I find them in, not have them circumvent the entire killright by switching to a free ship and getting it blown up.

Its not a loophole, you are just doing it wrong. You have to warp to them, activate the killright and instantly tackle and attack them before they can warp away. Sometimes you need to bump them before or have another tackler at the other side of the gate if they are too close to a station or a gate. In any case, you must plan ahead and not just waste the killright.

Maybe the name is just wrong, a “killright” is not really an entitlement to kill in revenge, it is one opportunity to attack someone without CONCORD protecting him. So maybe it should be renamed “attackright”.


I mean they attack without warning so it makes sense killright should not give a warning either.

First warning a player getting ganked is when the point lands so it should be the same way for the killright.


ah okay. Well, I wouldn’t mind if activating a Killright wouldn’t give a warning but I think the player would be notified anyway in the second you activate it by seeing his yellow status warning top left corner instantly.

well a half second of them going wtf? why am I suddenly yellow might help.

Ofc you could always lock them up with a passive targeter first.

That’s definitely not the first warning sign.

The “warning” is just them being notified they are a fair target to all, this should stay.
Concord should not remove kill rights nor should any kill when they are criminal.

I don’t get the point, there is no loophole. A killright just activates a 15min suspect status on the target that’s it, nothing more nothing less. If you give the target time to switch ships it’s the hunter’s fault. … lol.

When I hunt killrights I basically activate it while I lock up the target, so once lock finishs, the pre-activated scram lands.

I understand the mechanic. I’m suggesting that the killright should not be voided by the pilot docking up, coming out in a corvette and getting the corvette blown up.

But yep, I shouldn’t have let the guy get away.

Isn’t the Killright void in the moment you activate it?

no… if the ship is not destroyed it stays.

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