Small kill-right activation improvement

Ok so the story is that I ganked a guy, not a newbie but not a pvp player. He didn’t know how it works. And when the criminal timer passed I undocked and flew to my spot at gate again (i keep my sec status high so I can sit there untill I find a target). And this guy was waiting for me at gate in his Rattlesnake and then he approached me and activated warp scrambler. Got concorded immediately as he didn’t know that just holding the kill right is not enough.

He started convo and I was bored so I accepted and talked to him. As we were talking I realized, that his initial understanding of how it works is actually logical.

Why the player that holds killright on another player must activate the kill right first and made him suspect? It should work without it.

I propose improvement: If I have a killright on someone, I will be able to attack him with green/yellow safety. When I do so, the target gets limited engagement against me, but not suspect. That would be a trade-off and would kept it 1vs1 without possibility of other players intervention opposed to activating the killright beforehand.


Makes sense. You’re not trying to shoot them for someone else, but for yourself. Why should you have to activate it.

agree +1

So, basically, going back to how it always has worked, but with little twists?

Agreed! 100%!

the problem is if the player kills some one the killer goes back to base buy a shuttle and wait for someone to kill him if the kill rights is activated if the kill rights is not activated he will do the same thing wait for the player to find him (if he decide to hunt him) kill him in the shuttle and it is done in the end the criminal walk away without any losses ore penalty

yes i am abusing this mechanic as well, makes kill rights worthless all it costs is 15min idle time

but that has nothing to do with my suggestion

i now am just saying that 99% of the players will do that and i do i agree what you sand 1v1 but that will never happened they rather lose a shuttle than a proper ships in 1v1

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