Activating kill right should create docking timer

Its time to stop the newbie baiting CCP with these bait griefing tactics of kill rights. Its even worse on the Jita undock. If the kill right is activated then those pilots should not be able to instantly dock jump into a blingy ship and then go kill the person.

make them have an aggression timer so they cant dock immediately


Someone learned the hard way why you don’t play undock games with gankers. :rofl:

Why should they be vulnerable to your act of aggression just because you, or some other sore loser making the kill right public, are carrying a grudge? You realize EvE is a PvP game, you consent to PvP when you click undock, and you’re going to lose ships through bad decisions?

Why shouldn’t they be?

An aggression timer that prevents undock games is fantastic idea.


CCP do WAY too much to protect criminals.


That is absolutely not true.

CCP is not protecting criminals, they mostly just apply the same rules to them as anybody else.

If antything they are less protected than anybody, but ppl get butthurt over their own inability to outsmart them and then blame CCP for it.

Found the highsec newb ganker.

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Cute how you instantly make completely false assumptions about me just because I am stating a fact you don´t like.

I am gonna give you a 1/10 as at least you did get me to reply, so here is your cookie :).

And by “fact” you mean lie.

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OK, I´ll play.

Name 1 game mechanic that specifically protects “criminals” that does not apply to everybody else as well.