New kill-right option?

We all know that the Bounty system was flawed. Kill rights are equally mostly useless as often the one that does it is with a support group to make engagement difficult if not impossible to 1v1.
I propose a new option. A kill filament.
You activate it and no matter where in space the hostile is, it transports them to a 1v1 battleground. They have no warning, just like you had no warning you were going to be griefed. Would give some more gravity to the random attacks that happen all the time more recently.

well in EVE you’re never safe, that’s something we all know and quickly find out from playing this game, but whats stopping me from griefing an alt account and putting them in the right positions and using it to move high value assets safely across the game via a drop trade in a safe room where now no one other than the other pilot can hurt you.

this also opens up huge problems with disrupting normal game play for groups within the ecosystem as well as large fleet fights, whats stopping someone from just pulling the FC out of a large fleet fight or someone doing mission running or salvaging, just to get pulled away and FORCED to fight, there are many players who dislike PVP, in the game and being thrust into a situation where you now have to fight the other guy is a big problem.

Yes, you did have a warning. You just failed to pay attention. Watch dscan, watch local, don’t AFK. It’s that simple…


@Drogon_Mace I don’t think you understand how killright mechanics work. You have to unprovoked aggress in highsec or kill a pod in lowsec.

How many large fleet fights do that? To my knowledge, it’s just the gankers and griefers. You don’t get killrights for nullsec combat, you don’t get killrights for lowsec combat or kills, just pods. It’s simple, you don’t want to get the possibility of being 1v1’d don’t do those things. Like you said, Eve is never safe, you proved my point so not sure why you’re trying to find ways to make it safe for the aggressor.

You also said lots of players dislike PVP, well you can’t be pulled into a killright if you don’t kill someone, so your point of being thrust into something is incorrect because you as the victim would initiate it, not the other way around lol.

Not constructive.

Awful idea that only affects “casual” gankers, i.e. those without a specialized gank alt. Anyone else gets their character largely bricked for doing anything involving an expensive ship for the next month or so.

Surely you could just learn to scout, hunt, gather intelligence - not a million miles away from what a ganker does?

Or is there something I’m missing, Spike?

It’s interesting where the dissenting opinions have come from so far, nullsec blocs and known ganker alliances. Seems to me like you all don’t like some of the “safety” taken from you to balance it out, but you gladly enjoy the one-sided activity of the current KR feature. You all attack me saying that I should just learn how to cope with a largely one-sided mechanic. The possibility of balance to your activities which currently you’d be mostly free to commit without consequences must scare you. I find that hypocritical. Considering how you can only get a kill right from an activity that is largely unprovoked attacks on highsec players vs pod killing in lowsec which is much rarer. This does not affect a major portion of the players of the game only the very small subset of gankers and griefers that operate in highsec and to a much smaller extent those that pod in low. No affect to nullsec combat or standard lowsec combat or j space combat.

“Anyone else gets their character largely bricked for doing anything involving an expensive ship for the next month” Wrong, it’s not anyone. The person who attacked in HS or podded in lowsec would, yes, be inconvenienced if and only if the KR was acted upon, but that seems a fair trade given how they already got the spoils of their actions. It just gives the victim a chance to get even which is the whole point of the KR.

“Surely you could just learn to scout, hunt, gather intelligence - not a million miles away from what a ganker does?” This just doesn’t make any sense and does not address what this kill right option is trying to accomplish. You’re saying that I want this as a means to grief or gank someone. Sorry, but you’d have to be a victim to enact a KR, that’s the definition of not being a griefer or ganker. This just gives the option to the player to do to the attacker what they did to them.

I get it; you want CCP to help you. You believe that, as a victim, you should not be made responsible for enacting your own form of retribution, or that, at least, you should be helped to do so.

No doubt, in the real world such a view would be entirely appropriate, Spike. However, in this online video game you have been given the tools to nab your attacker, precisely because the designers fully intend for you to do so.

I do not say that Kill Rights need no attention, mind you. I’m just puzzled by your insistence that your suggestion has merit. i simply don’t believe that, though I 'm not here to try to change your mind.

Art imitates Life rather than slavishly following it, I think.

@Spike_Snowbreaker You can use a Locator Agent. It will cost you of course, and there is no guarantee you’ll find your query.
It’s a funny idea, tho :smile: But, in my opinion, it isn’t good for the game because it punishes players who play the game according to its rules. ( minus griefing of course, although It isn’t as big a problem as a useless Kill Right )
What’s needed is Capsuleer War Dec. Automatically activated upon pod destruction.
No capsuleer may shoot at another without declaring war on him and his corporation - with all of what that entails. Until then EVE will feel very unfair to the majority of gamers out there.
There is no problem with PvP but it has to be fair for all involved or half of them will go play something else. That is why PvE games are more popular than PvP games.

No, I want balance. Because you can grief and gank by using loopholes that aren’t available to the victim. Yes, I could get a locator agent, track down the person and wait for the time to strike. Or I could do it the lazy way they do where they take advantage of what seems like a flaw in the game where they use an alt to move a ship to a gate and they sit off-grid with their outlaw character in a pod, waiting for a target. When they see one, they warp to their alt, jump in their ship and kill the target. All in high sec, mind you. That seems like a pretty big loophole. Hell, I didn’t even lose anything of value, he killed a venture with nothing in it. But the fact he could do so and then repeat that without any repercussions is what’s wrong and why there needs to be something that gives as much pause to the attacker as to the victim.

The option to exercise a kill right as a kill filament gives another tool to the victim over the current pretty ineffective kill right

For those that say “eve isn’t fair”. You’re right, to a degree. But, Eve is balanced in the majority of interactions and CCP’s actions has been to always add balance than remove it.

As for the misguided notion of “punishes players who play the game according to its rules” I doubt using an alt to move ships around to then use your outlaw character to attack is playing according to the rules, rather it’s skirting the grey area. If it was fine in the rules, CCP wouldn’t have faction PO chase outlaws when they’re in ships.


I just love how the term “grief” is so casually thrown around here.

Who’s fault is it they were not paying attention to local?

Who’s fault was it they were not paying attention to D-Scan?

But, I do like the idea of a 1v1 filiment wisking me away. As a solo frigate pvper, this would be a wonderful dream come true!

One might, if they were so inclined, take this request as an indication that victims want to be able to beat you in direct combat and the automated protections afforded them are too effective to allow them that chance.

When I decide what ship I fly, that’s when I set the balance where I want it. If I want lots of goodies for lots of risk, I fly in things that cost more and work better. If I want some goodies for little risk, I fly a ship I can trivially replace if it dies. It’s not up to the attacker to ‘balance’ themselves according to the risk I take, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Everyone can afford to replace a free corvette, so there’s never a situation where there is no ship available to you that is trivial to replace if lost. A person who loses other ships collects insurance even if they never purchased any additional coverage that they can use for a partial recovery.

The safety nets for people who lose their ships to gankers are already there. What I wonder is why it is the nets that used to be sufficient no longer are. Losing your ship sucks and it always has, but recovering from the loss of a ‘low value’ ship doesn’t look that daunting to me. The time spent recovering is the time you spend contemplating how not to lose your next ship when you get it.

How would you describe someone killing an empty venture in a highsec system as anything but griefing? It wasn’t mining, it wasn’t hauling. Seems to me to be the textbook definition of griefing.

I call it, playing EvE.

When one undocks, they consent to PvP.

They have tools at their disposal to avoid it.

  1. watch local
  2. watch d-scanner
  3. orbit your asteroid
  4. don’t be afk

Pretty easy actually.

Why do you want to lower the bar? That’s just the soft bigotry of low expectation there.

Or, the savvy venture miner will find a quiet system in low sec so it’s easier to see any changes in local and take the appropriate actions.

How does offering an option of a 1v1 fight filament with your KR mean lowering the bar lol? By your metrics, it’s the same consent, just this time it’s more in the favor of the victim for a single KR vs favor all the time on the aggressor. Seems like a good trade and option to me.

I didn’t say that.

Learn to read and follow a conversation bro.

It’ll help you logic better in the future.

Not constructive. You wanted to go down a tanget you called it a “conversation” then you resorted to a personal attack because you realized you didn’t have a valid rebuttal. Thanks for your “advice” but no thanks.

Let’s reconstruct the conversation shall we:

You said:

You asked a question here. Lets zoom in on that:

Now, you asked “how would you describe killing and empty venture in a highsec system […]”

I then responded with:

I then went on to provide a deeper analysis into why I would call it playing eve with:

I then took it deeper and gave a nice list of what a player can do actively avoid do to avoid getting shot at by someone. This list is important, pay attention:

In an open sandbox pvp game that involved pixilated spaceships, this list here provides a simple, yet very powerful counter-play to what you call “griefing” but here’s the rub, and I think you know this

Because there is an effective strategy to counter a legitimate game play mechanic (thus, not griefing, as you so want it to be called) you conveniently ignored these points and tried to toss in your strawman to try and move the argument from my response that, you couldn’t counter with this:

Behold your Straw man:

This Strawman fallacy was so bad, that I was completely flabbergasted by it. At no point did I ever say that offering an option of a 1v1 counter filament with a KR meant lowering the bar. But because you couldn’t counter my argument, you had to completely pull in something unrelated to the argument that was being made. And worse, you said that I said that! when much earlier, before I took my position to answer your initial question (here it is again, to refresh your memory)

“How would you describe someone killing an empty venture in a highsec system as anything but griefing?”

Now, what does a special filament have to do with the question you asked me? Absolutely nothing. Which is why I said:

Sound advice from past me.

But here is another rub. Earlier in the thread, before I answered your question I did say this:

If you had taken the time to actually read what I said, you would have known that I actually like your filament idea and you would have steered clear of trying to make it look like that I don’t.

So, the only person here who hasn’t been, in your words


Was, sadly, you.

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Emphasis mine. If I want to shoot some red triangles in nullsec in my marauder after killing you in highsec, I now have to worry about being yeeted into your own personal dungeon so you can murder me. This goes double if you also want to FC strategic fleets on that character. If you want your vengeance, go find the guy and kill him, you don’t need to whine to CCP to get that implemented.

Edit: this will also be exploited to teleport stuff. I attack my alt to give him a kill right, load up an industrial in nullsec with goodies, have the alt activate the killright in Jita, eject goodies from main to alt, wait for whatever condition ends the fight, and spit my alt back out in jita with the goodies.