Consentual PvP as it should be in a free world


This is my first thread, so be nice.

I had the brilliant idea, that there could be a pop-up if someone in space is trying to attack you. And if you do not allow it, he can’t do anything.

I think that would make my mining adventures way better and also more safe.

Any thoughts on this?

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1st! :popcorn:


well I think their should be somthing to protect long miners but I am scared real pvpers might try aand take advantage maybe ccp should make the mineing ships harder for pvpers to catch esspicaly the noob ones like the venture

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Of all people to listen to, you picked destiny, who trolled you into making the 500th odd anti ganking, no pvp in hisec protect the miners topic.

Ccp encourages what you want to do away with. Why? Destruction and chaos makes new eden thrive


now realtalk:

the venture has a built-in warpcore-stabilizer and there is d-scan and local to keep you informed about possible threats. if someone plays EVE, he should at least be willing, to use these instruments to protect himself.

nobody can force you to shoot back, although it is way more fun than running away.

i really do not think, there should be something like this in game, that prevents you from PvP.

the possibility to be shot at in any moment, is what makes the game interesting.

if you want to farm materials without being harmed, i am sure there are a lot of games that will provide you with that experience

just my oppinion

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ok then why did you make the thread in the first place

because i am curious what kind of oppinions are around about this.

i do understand, there are players that enjoy the atmosphere of eve but don’t like pew pew.

i thought it might be a good topic to gather some ideas

so what type of player are you really

just a simple mission runner

well you kill borad says youre a ganker and a bad one at that

really? it got hacked a while ago… no idea what’s on there. sice it got hacked, i do not look at my zkillboard anymore.

all i do is mission running and some mining for my dailies

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excuesces don’t lie your kill borad looks almost as bad as mine and seriously got hacked thats the best you can think of

my killboard looks bad? actually i have 14b destroyed and 200m lost… i don’t think that is super bad…

most of your big kills are with team mates


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they are all me :slight_smile:

Literally impossible

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agree with you their

There is such a thing. It is called ’ are you sure you want to undock ?’ You can totally avoid all PvP or danger by hitting ’ NO '.

Thus your suggestion is already implemented.


yeah he was just trolling their