Consensual PVP only server

Rather than people trying to change Eve as it is, why not request a “Secure” universe.

Anyone who wants to join starts fresh, separate subscription, no alpha clones, no non-consensual pvp, no bumping, nothing exciting, just PVE.

If their ideas are as popular as some people claim then it will bring in a bunch of cash for CCP, if it crashes and burns then we’ll all suffer because that hardware wasn’t cheap and some kind of development had to go into it and now there’s nothing to show for it.

Actually, this is more of a last-gasp/hail-mary play. Ignore this, I’ll just post it to refer to it again after Eve has been dying for a few more years.

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I’m glad you realized this wasn’t a good idea halfway through your post.


No, delet dis

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This isn’t one of your care-free standard mmos like Swtor or wow. Pvp will always be a important factor in this game. That’ll never change regardless whether eve is dead or dying. If you have a problem with that you’re welcome to pack up and leave.

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I just want people to stop suggesting crappy protections for their PVE activities, give them their own server and let them whine over there…

Unfortunately the best thing you can do is , ignore them.

I always assumed those people eventually left for the holy lands of the test server, maybe we can point some folks that way?

One better, shoot them instead :slight_smile:

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A great way to make PVP consensual is to remove the warp scramblers. People have the option of fleeing in that case and low and null would become much less intimidating. I think there should still be warp bubbles so that nullsec corps can protect their turf and lay out traps and so on. But warp scrambling in general is the worst idea because it simply enables griefing thats it. Without warp scrams the thrill of pvp still exist because an equal opponent will not flee, and actually getting kills will be much more rewarding.

This type of change also fixes AFK cloaking, because you are no longer as scared when strangers are in a system because if they engage you you are free to bail at any time or fight until the death of either of you. I would be really curious to hear the downside of removing warp scrams because i think they are game breaking and redicolusly OP.

Not everyone i want to kill is an equal opponent.

It’s a bit crappy if you can’t ambush someone because they can simply moonwalk out of any fight they don’t like the look of. Or warp off the moment they hit hull. Warp scramming is integral to pvp.

As for op, ultima online did this, it died shortly after. The pvp players didn’t have people to hunt and the pve players got bored.

What would be wrong with that? Curious

Cause nothing would die. And worse if im active rep i can leave a fight, repair and comeback in a matter of seconds.

Pinning down opponents is essential. How does a tackler hold down a target for gang to arrive?

It’s called Singularity …

Thread can be closed.


Someone just close this thread. I fear I’ll lose more brain cells by looking at more suggestions regarding this stuff.

A dreadful idea, 1000 times no.

I recommend you quit these forums immediately and never look back, else you will be all out of brain cells in a very short amount of time.


If there was a place with no pvp, ships wouldnt die, pve becomes pointless with having ships and mods to replace and isk becomes worthless.

Would make the whole game feel pointless after a very short peroid of time, like how runescale removed the wild and things that were expensive became worthless as everyone quickly got end game gear and had nothing to do.

So far from your posts I gather you’re a miner - correct me if I’m wrong.

Do you like selling what you mine? Or do you manufacture stuff first and then sell that?

If there was no way to point someone, ships would die only in fringe cases. 99% of the time, they’d just warp off before they die.

If ships don’t die, people don’t replace them. Which means those minerals you mine, or those ships you build, stop selling.

did you just assume his gender ? #triggered