Tackling and defending... a combat question about warping and scramming

Could Warp Scrams work like stacked modules… ?
If you have three of a kind (say armor /shield mods) the effectiveness is reduced. No problem…

Okay… So, say three aggressors tackle with two points of scram on a target ship, that immobilizes without any chance of escape…

So, why not nerf warp scrams, so that the whole 100% of two points of scram can only be achieved via two, three, four or more aggressors and putting only partial points on the target until the whole two points is achieved. Mirroring as per mods: First 10.6% effective Second 28.3% effective Third 57.1% effective Fourth 86.9% effective Fifth 100% effective, or some version of the same…

Each scram added after the first, in ‘cumulative tandem’ with each other, increasing, rather than reducing by adding modules… while inadequate scrams allow the inverse percentage possibility to warp.

While I’m on it, could warp stabs be ‘pulsed’, rather than providing a total scram-block and instead have the ability to break the scram for a short period, or with an incrementally improving (Triglavian) chance of escape success?

Would pvp still work if a single ship could not effectively prevent a target from warping… or is that a daft question in this era of Eve?

I don’t know about you, but mid slots are fairly valuable real estate on my ships…


Yeah, I know, but the kill-boards are literally flooded with single ship kills that look like they were won by a 2 point warp stab as much as by any piloting skill.

More often than not it’s the bumping or the target not paying attention, freezing up or simply being clueless that gets the job done. Not so much the factual “technically you could warp or use WCS”.

Warp scrams surely have to have integer effectiveness…it would not make sense to 28.3% scram a ship. It’s either scrammed or it isn’t.

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I’ve lost a few like that myself…

But that’s what I mean… each ship should carry some %points of warp scram to make up the total.

Except how does that work in a 1v1 fight? Again, I’ll refer to the above point about fractions.

Yes but warp core stabilisers also work in integer units…and ships like Venture have a built in +2. Stacking scrams would mean you’d need more than the integer number of core stability strength in order to scram it.

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A tandem link module? Once engaged and locked and in combat, if one ship warps, the other follows… the fight continues… the lock can only be broken by the ship that has not gone into hull dmg.

Stack pilots not scrams…

So you want to nerf solo PvP even further, considering its already sorry and forgotten state?


No, but instead of scramming, you hunt through a few systems 'til one of you kills…

That’s not how things work. One player attacks another player. If the tackle breaks, the other player warps away and docks/cloaks/logs off for the next two weeks. There’s no intricate dance between the two parties as they try to outmaneuver each other to get the kill. In 99% of cases, the defender does everything possible to escape, and not fight back. And that’s why tackle exists.


That’s absurd and makes solo scramming impossible…especially if the aggressor does not have 5 slots for scram. The current integer method works just fine. In most cases, stacking determines how much of some function you can apply…not whether you can apply it at all.

Webs and scrams are kind of OP TBH.

Yeah, that’s why I was thinking of it… I would be quite a lot more fun, to engage over a few systems, maybe even into K-space, null space or even wh-space… which could be done by nerfing warp stabilizers and encouraging pursuit style of combat, rather than the sitting duck, fairground gallery style we’re all playing at the moment.

See my reply above… :slight_smile:

But its easier for people to add 1 to 2. You get 3.

If you want to escape multiple ships warp scrambling you, its probably already too late.

Also, there are artillery fits in group and even solo pvp that can oneshot the target, all is needed is lock and press fire. No need to warp scramble.

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This is a much more succinct way to present what you’re really aiming at in the OP, which is: “single ships shouldn’t have an easy way to prevent targets from warping out to escape PvP”.

Whether anyone agrees or not, CCP has made their position on PvP, single ship combat, ganking etc. clear over the years: they want more of it. They expressly neutered warp core stabs specifically to make it so anyone who really wanted to could easily put together a point/booster combo that would lock a target in place.

WCS are effectively useless now - they only exist so CCP can pretend that counterplay exists.

It’s highly unlikely that CCP is going to take any steps to reduce the effectiveness of pointing or make it easier for ships to escape - they want all the destruction that can be arranged.