Tackling and defending... a combat question about warping and scramming

Isn’t that because they haven’t thought an alternative?

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The alternatives hits the financial bottom line.

Are you saying players are risk-averse?

Actually, no… I’m thinking more of a game mechanic… Rather than pvp relying only on hp/dmg. It could be a lot more fun for all parties if pvp were a footrace rather than a firing squad.

If a target could find and take an opportunity to escape, re-tank/boost cap, roll a smoke or whatever while warping, but crucially leaving a trackable signature that doesn’t need scanning ie: if the target is not destroyed, the locked target icon could remain for three seconds with a drop-down option ‘Pursue Target’ (perhaps the success of the pursuit could be modified by trainable skills, say, Combat Pursuit and Combat Evasion skill each with a percentage drawback to randomize somewhat the chances of capture or evasion.) Jump drives were intended to give a similar opportunity, but they are wholly inadequate except for crossing asteroid belts and npc activities.

The mechanic could work a bit like a kill right. Find and attack your target… scram them… they hit the stabilizer… (both on timers or phased with a depletion in strength over time… again skills could modify the capabilities), but once the engagement has started, it cannot be ended until one or other ship is down, ie: both parties can jump but can’t dock… and a log-off destructs the ship and pod.

Another aspect of it would be that an escaping target could very easily play bait for an annoyingly persistent gank squad… I think that could be fun too and add some risk to gate camping and take out some of the boredom.
It’s more about the ‘one on one’ scenario really, but it cold add dimension to gameplay.

I think it depends on if you see Eve as a boxing ring, a chess board or a team sports field with one winner and one loser, or if you see it as I see it… as a universe filled with possibilities (which is how CCP market the game) … pvp is Heimar’s pet, I think… It ‘is’ arealistic space environment, it ‘is’ a realistic socio-economic environment, it ‘is’ a realistic industrial environment… but once you statrt playing this universe, it becomes a back alley streetfight just to get the simplest things done. Let’s face it… none of us is as hard as we play it in Eve… we would call suuch people psychopaths, but in the game environment that works perfectly fine, because a game is by nature without real-world consequences.
I just think the idea of dogfighting across a few systems would add variety and a little class to the current brutality… and indeed more flexibility and skill for all players to master. There’s nothing wrong with being a rabbit, if you’re a rabbit that can live to a hundred.
Anyways… keep talking… I’m glad i started this.

Why do people who don’t do PvP constantly offer improvements on how to make PvP “better”?

Here’s what you should do: go out and try doing solo PvP until you achieve the very modest goal of, say, 5 total kills. Not 5,000, not 500, and not even 50; just 5. I guarantee that your perspective is going to change drastically by the time you finish.


EVE is a rock, paper, scissors + meteorite kind of game. It doesn’t matter if you bring a rock to a scissors fight, or paper to a rock fight - there’s a better than even chance you’re getting whacked by a meteorite.

I believe the adage is: “If you’re planning to have a fair fight in EVE, you’re doing it all wrong”.


You’re starting off on the wrong foot here. Several wrong ones, in fact. Yes, it’s fun to think about different mechanics and ways of doing things, but you appear to be working from two basic premises, both incorrect:

  • CCP hasn’t “fixed” PvP to be better because they don’t know any better ways to do it.
  • If PvP was “fixed” by your (or any other mechanic) it would be “more fun” for all parties.

I honestly think you should follow Destiny’s advice and go rack up a few PvP kills. Because right now it looks like you’re trying to sell “let me escape from all these PvP deaths” by picturing your escape as “more fun for everyone”.

Open world full penalty PvP isn’t about the target having fun, and never has been. For the most part, it’s not even about the PvPer having ‘fun’. It’s primarily there to position the game as having a certain type of risk profile during play, which attracts a certain small market niche who crave that risk and can’t find it in games that have been “fixed” according to your style of suggestion.

CCP quite literally wants people to get caught and destroyed. CCP has openly stated that the negative feelings created when you’re trapped and killed are part of what EVE is designed to create. It’s a design goal.

It makes more sense to talk about ways to make more PvP happen, in more parts of the game, in more varied ways, appealing to a (slightly) wider niche of players, than it does to talk about yet another way of neutering PvP even more.


The OP’s idea might be bad, but the ability to stack ewar modules (the same way weapons are) isn’t terrible.

It would be pretty niche, but there are potential situations where having to just do a single click for a dual web set up, or dual point / scram (in the case of hunting ventures or other stabbed ships) might be useful.

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This feels like another high sec person who doesn’t think ships are ammo complaining that someone ganked them.

It’s a simple fact of eve that numbers matter. The multiboxing , the dual boxing hunter/killer, and the gang will always kill a solo one account player. Your only option is to join a real corp or play the numbers game and pay attention to local.

You can run missions, mine, explore. You’re going to lose at pvp a lot. That’s just how it is. Play something else if you can’t accept it.


That statement has nothing to do with players.

Only to unskilled pilots, such as yourself.

It is clear you can only fly by buttons. So yes, you deserve to die screaming in space until you get better.

This only shows you have never roamed the void of space by yourself in pursuit of murdering others.

The Prophet encourages you to do that for the next six months and then come back to us, much wiser and clearly understanding why your idea is folly.

There are several tactics.

And also the reality that sometimes despite you bringing a scissors, they bring a rock and it’s your turn to burn.

Instead of crying to the heimskur fragile gods to save you, learn how to fly yourself.

My very suggestion to him. I salute your thoughts.

I’m a multiboxed alt bro.

If you warp scramble someone they should be immune from being webbed and if you web someone they should be immune from being warp scrambled.

Better yet, players should be able to choose which of those two EW they want to be imune from. Warp scrambling as it exists currently is a primitive design. There is no good reason for it imo. Being able to fly away if you are losing a fight should be an option. Because then the ships and fits people choose to fly will become more expensive? All forms of PVP would become nuanced it seems. Low and nullsec would also become more popular. Whats the downside?

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Another person who finds themselves unable interact anonymously with people on the internet. Maybe the internet is not for you?


Without indicating whether I agree or disagree with his posts, I must note that the posts (hidden above) were hardly offensive, and whoever is doing this should really stop, because you are killing the forums and making basic conversations impossible.


This makes absolutely no sense.

But the Prophet notates you already admitted you do not live in New Eden anymore.

The ultimate goal of all of these people is the removal of PvP from EVE Online to turn it into a PvE-only game. Note how they’re now making demands for regular combat PvP to be nerfed to the extent that the losing party can choose to instantly opt out. It was never about ganking specifically, for example. Ganking was simply higher on the list of priorities. Now that ganking has been nerfed to the point where it hardly happens anymore, they’re broadening their attack vectors to include more conventional avenues for PvP, such as being tackled at gates in unsafe areas of space.


Breaking gate camps isn’t hard if it connects to high security.

These people truly are terrible pilots.

Its hard to witness.

Well, no, it is hard against players who know what they’re doing, but that’s kind of beside the point.

The vast majority of PvP kills in the game happen on gates and stations. Adding opt-out mechanisms for PvP at these locations “to improve PvP” would literally get rid of most PvP activity in the game. But that’s the intent. They want to be able to travel anywhere to do anything they want, which I’m guessing means being able to grind in more lucrative areas of space without having to take on additional risk. Like I said, it’s never been about ganking, which is just a stepping stone. They want PvP to be an opt-in activity in its entirety.