Tackling and defending... a combat question about warping and scramming

Lots of people already opt out of PvP. For example people who stay in 1.0 and 0.9 systems and only shoot ships that don’t even have weapon slots, without any reasonable expectation of intereference by anyone.

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No it should not be an option. And even if it was an option, a sportsmanlike player would not avail themselves of it. That’s like realizing you are losing at chess and getting up and just walking away in a huff. You can resign (lose), or you can continue to play (and lose). Getting up and leaving the other person sitting there without conceding victory to them or playing to allow them the kill would never be tolerated there, nor should it be tolerated in any other game anywhere.

The only time you should warp off from a fight in Eve is if you successfully counter play their tackle and escape, or if they screw up their tackle and you escape.

Play the game.

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So warping shouldn’t be an option except when it’s an option. Got it.

OPs idea of % chance to scram, and all subsequent similar ideas to nerf ewar, are all very poorly informed.

This is why I spend about 60% of my free time writing to the various chess governing bodies to try to get them to change the game to prevent sociopathic chess piece griefing behavior. I shouldn’t have to lose my pawns, or my knights, or any other pieces that I have without consenting to it first. If my rook is on C3, and your bishop is on G7, you shouldn’t be able to take my piece just because you want to. Taking other players’ pieces is just going to grief them out of the game. How would that be good for chess? If someone tries to do that to me, I absolutely do get up and just walk away, and I recommend everyone else to do the same. Don’t put up with the grief anymore. It’s time to bring chess into the 21st century.

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Chess is just a metaphor for colonialism.

lol what? That would make webs pointless, since your target would just warp away. And since you could just web your friends and make yourselves immune to warp disruption, the only people who would die are those who would get alphaed. And good luck ever killing a titan or supercarrier.

I’m against opt out mechanics, but it is kind of a sad state of affairs the way eve’s general navigation is. It’s equivalent in other games to fast traveling everywhere. Warp here, warp there, ect. EVE needs content where there’s large areas of space people have to fly around normally, preferably with the whole area being warp disabled.

EVE needs less choke points, more time not in warp, and better pvp tracking tools. Relegating pvp to station and gate camping is dumb.

That’s how it’s been since May 6, 2003, so…?

They’re not going to redesign this game from the ground up on the basis of some kind of hypothetical postulation with regard to what PvP “should be like.”

Or when you make it an option. You clearly didn’t quote the rest of his statement due to you arguing in bad faith.

It is clear you are a bad pilot. Hence why you struggle with scrams and webs.

I know, but it’s still bad design. I’m not suggesting the entire server structure should be redone, but some of the issues could be mitigated by allowing jumping between stars without the need of a cyno. Obviously not all ships would be able to do this, and it would have to be balanced with the other modules and ships that already exist.

As for the other part of the post you’re responding to, just open up the planets and have a bunch of content around them that would force people to stay in real space to navigate around the area.

While what the op asked for is a non starter, I think the above would go a long way toward alleviating some of the issues the op has with the game but doesn’t know how to articulate.


… indicates the main issue is with station and gate camps, it’s just that the op doesn’t realize the suggestion would just create more of it and entirely kill non ess solo pvp.

Why don’t you just learn to play the game?


I can play the game, but the game can be improved.

PvP destruction per capita is down to its lowest point in EVE’s history, and changes that would push that figure even lower aren’t the solution.

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Improving the game would be making it more challenging, not easier.


You’re looking at the issue wrong. If you make killing carebears easy, there will just be less of them doing activities you can kill them at.

Obviously there is a balance, you can’t make it impossible to kill them either, that s why I suggested the addition of new tracking tools. (You know, more stuff like dscan and less like instant intel local and easy choke points that allow f1 monkeys to think they’re elite at pvp.)

Sitting on a gate waiting for people to come through it is even less engaging than EVE’s terrible pve, except for mining, that would practically be the same thing. Imo running through gate camps is more fun than actually being a part of them, but I can see how many people, like the op wouldn’t see it that way.


I should also point out, that it’s easier than ever to catch and kill targets than it’s ever been before, Lancer dreadnaughts, instalock gonosis / t3s. Maybe the reason why pvp destruction per capita is down is because it’s too easy to catch people (so people aren’t bothering with it as much.)

That’s fine with me. Kill them all.

With responses like that, I hope you enjoy camping your gates with nothing to kill for hours on end. Personally, I prefer actually hunting for my food.

This is objectively incorrect on all accounts. It’s the exact opposite of reality.

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Personal experience? Maybe you’re just bad?

Me being bad has no bearing on whether or not your claims are accurate.

Over the years, CCP has added a significant amount of game mechanics that make it easier to escape forced PvP attempts in transit. Some examples: warp-to-zero, ships emerging closer to the gate after jumping through (which makes it easier to re-approach and jump back), instant-warping ships like the Sunesis, anti-interdiction modules and bonuses (e.g. shuttles and interceptors), and filaments.

Also, “it’s so easy to kill players now that the killers aren’t interested in doing it anymore” has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen written on these forums.