PVP - Scrams and Webs and Stabs

Aright… so it works.
You scram and web and blam blam blam at a stationary target… until you pod.

  1. Scramblers.
    Nerf Warp Scramblers with a timer… from thirty seconds at Lvl 1 Propulsion Jamming with a ten second cool-down, improved with skills. (Add a ‘Propulsion Jamming Specialization’ Skillbook to improve that further) … to hold a target in place you must co-ordinate and cycle scramblers in sequence through the fleet or fit two or three scramblers (with penalties), rather than throw all the eggs in the pan and wait for your omlette of isk.

  2. Webbers.
    Nerf them by phasing their activity… ten… fifteen… twenty second bursts (skill-dependent on Propulsion Jamming as above).

The best bit:
3) Warp Stabs.
Keep the -1 point per stab in passive mode, but also let Warp Stabs operate ‘active’ like mini-micro-jump drives… hit ‘Warp’ while the Stab is ‘active’ and Lvl1 Warp Drive Operation skill gets you 75km burst in whatever direction you are heading… just enough to break lock or skip out of a bubble if you are lucky… skill up to go further.

Give ‘active’ Warp Stabs drawbacks and scripts to modify them:
Script One: modifies and reduces a 1000% increase in heat sig or sig radius of an activated Warp stab that would make the fleeing ship almost instantly scannable with combat probes.
Script Two: modifies and reduces the five minute cool-down period, while the sig reduces to green from red on the HUD. (add a Warp Drive Specialization Skillbook to reduce the drawback).
EDIT: Forgot to say… the Warp Stab should have an aggression timer.

The aggression timer still allows time to scan down a fleeing target. Short burst escapes still allow target lock, but gives the target some flight time before podding. Combat would become more mobile… pvp gangs more diverse… safe-spot hopping and lots of nervous moments behind planets for your petrified victim while you hunt 'em down.


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Where is the reason to Nerf Scrams and Webs and to buff Stabs?

There is already the micro jump Drive which is very powerful, we do not need another one for every ship in the game.


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Because pvp seems to be about shooting at an immobile target… just lock, scram and fire. Micro-jumpdrives only fit on BS and up.
As pvp stands, why not just have the target ship explode as soon as the scram holds and save the ammo? A good fight is just about how long the target can sustain its tank.
Also, this way you would need a variety of ships in a pvp gang… a long range sniper to keep dmg on… a couple of small frigs to keep the points on and at least one ship to scan the bugger down.

Are you sure of what game are you playing?

There are a couple of different types of Micro-Jumpdrives, Medium for Transports Ships and BC, Large for BS and Field for Command Destroyers. No other ship can use them and shouldn’t use them.

PvP is not shooting at an immobile target. If you use the right ship with a type of fit you can kill people without using a Scram or just bait them to your scram range. There is more than Scram someone and kill him.

Sniper ships are the Worst at DPS, they are for Alpha and need a bunch of them to do something.

If the target you want to kill, scape he will not return and he will not stay in space. He will leave the system or dock, so no use on Scan. Probers are mainly used to catch them before they notice you are there.

With this idea, you are killing Solo PvP. Is already pretty dead, but is fun from time to time.

Also, the Scrambler is Cap Hungry for Frigates. A neut will turn off the Scrambler, and the rest of the ship.

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I think I still have a point… Transports, BC and BS… okay… but every time I’ve been ganked, it has been a solid lockdown unless I can escape right at the start of the fight… otherwise… I sit and watch my pod appear through the flames.
I’d like the half-chance to skip about a bit and see if I can’t get away once locked and scrammed…

Eh Eve isn’t really a “half measures” kinda game

Maybe you should be more aware of your surroundings and scape before they even show up or use a ship/tactics to counter them.

And if they make a solid lockdown, they know what they are doing and using more than 1 ship to lock you down. A single frigate could not hold a ship for long, just enough to let his friends arrive to finish the job.

So, is not a problem of Scram and Web. There get nerf long ago and they are where they need to be.

That’s kinda my point… the gank gangs are good… but if you are scrammed by three or four cruisers, then a hundred km get-out clause is kinda handy… it wouldn’t take you all the way to safety but it would give you a chance… especially if the mod had a groovy visual effect… that would let the gang know and test their organization skills to head you off… makes it all more of a contest between players rather than a contest of resists and dmg…

I just sat in my Ashimmu and watched while four ships made it completely inoperable… and then spacedust… lol

I mean like micro jump drives? They been in the game for a few years now

I’ll explain it. He wants to scape fights. And not just a chance to escape, like a Ship with AB, and Scram against a Ship with MWD and Scram, you know… for every situation. Cause, as he said, a 1v4 should be escapable.

Also, he wants a MJD with immunity to Scram Mechanics.

For information, PvP is not a contest of Resist and damage, is already a contest between players. Both sides have his own cards, they need to play them well to get a change of something; kill the pray, counter-kill the haunters, escape, etc. And MJD away, even 75km, means you are out the grid 95% of the time. The other 5%, you stay in the grid for lols and die.

No… I like the fights, but if you get ganked you just don’t do anything in them except give or take dmg… as soon as you are webbed and scrammed, you’re on your tank and that’s that… I’d just like a couple yards grace to break lock, break scram and fight back instead of having to just watch my pod appear.

Yeauh… spotted that :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting question, and a tough one. Gate-camps largely follow the N+1 rule. If you didn’t bring a tool designed to break a gate camp (like, say, an insta-warp 'ceptor or an ECM burst), you’re left with little other defense than gathering intel about your route. Even then, we mostly have to rely on either alt accounts or out-of-game resources like DOTLAN or Zkillboard in order to figure out whether or not death awaits us on the other side of the gate.

Yeah. I think there’s just one thing missing and it’s the chance to mobilize… everything is very static when you are in a fight… always around one gate/station/structure… it would be cool to add a bit of a hunt and chase to it all… make the aggressors work for their isk… by actually flying their ships instead of just activating mods.
This way you could have fights that cross whole systems… planet to planet etc… you would get a few extra seconds to rep and return fire … all that would work with a nerf on scrams and a small jump drive or warp stab enhancement.

The only problem I see with that idea that would need to be addressed is that the escapee could just warp off to another stargate. There’s no real guarantee of a within-system dynamic fight. How about you make the “active” WCS function sort of like ancillary repair modules, with a number of charges and looooong reload times.

As said before, players have their own cards. You have Local, D-Scan and other factors to know if someone is close to you. If you get ganked is because you let them gank you.

Gate-camps are created to block the movement of ships. You should not have a way to pass it, with the exception of Ceptors, Cloak-Skill or bad Gate-Campers.

They are around gates/WH, stations and structures(this includes Anomalies) because those are the anchors of Warps in EvE. And 80% of combats will be there, the other 20% fights happens at Save Spots in the middle of no-where.

You still not get the point. You may return and fight back, but +80% will exploit it to save their ships and never fight back. There are already a lot of mechanics in the game to have enough intel around you to be aware of what is coming to you. Use them. Also, fit your ships so you could fight back or kill that initial ship which tackle you.

Scrams and Webs are fine as they are now, they do not need a nerf. Also, Warp Cores do not need a buff and if they need to be revisited, not add a MJD Scram Immunity to it.

The Warp Stab should activate an aggression timer.

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Ah, yes, that’s a much more elegant solution lol