What if

Scrams and disruptors used charges and reloaded them when empty like like 10 charges per load before reloading? This could make combat more dynamic in that there would be more warping involved in and out of combat or having to resort to d scan and warping to victims more if it takes that long to kill them?

Might be better than the usual web/scram locked default scenario?

It would also open up a new charge type on the market to make more isk.

Except that won’t happen because you’ll immediately warp to a safe if they lose point due to reloading.


What if we all got a trophy just for participating and there were no losers yaaaaaaay :partying_face:

Naah bruh

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I really get that combat might be a little too much for some to grasp outside of warping on grid and then a web and scram until dead or just dead for some helpless newb, but this would indeed make combat more dynamic. I know it’s hard to imagine when all you do is gangk in t1 shtfits in hs, but it would make.it more dynamic outside of hs where there are less safe places if someone wanted to run.

I get it XD

Plenty of NPC stations in lowsec, and even more citadels in nullsec. And you can just have a few bookmarks in random dead spots in system for ones that don’t have those and bounce between those until the aggressor gets bored, and that only works for him if he brought combat probes. Instead of insulting people, maybe consider their feedback and why your idea might not be the best thing ever for everyone.

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Furthermore, this isn’t a nerf to larger fleet and gankers, it’s a nerf to solo and smallgang. Do you think that the warp scrambler is going to run out of ammo before CONCORD arrives anyway? If they’re not bad at ganking you’ll be dead long before that ammo runs out. A solo pvper on the other hand needs to keep the target tackled for longer because he actually needs to do stuff like not just fit for max dps at 0.

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I get it

Anything that would make it a little more thoughtful than mining itself must be hard. You go to the same asteroid belts as miners, you camp the same gates they use. Only real difference is that your “asteroids” float away from you at about 35m/s or perhaps tickle your shield. You target the miner, you press 2 extra buttons and then F1. I get it

I get it. You must hate the idea of actually working even slightly for a kill, but you’re not any “better” than the miners XD

It could be an interesting game mechanic if there happened to be an issue that solo fights were drawn out too long.

In other situations (short fights, fleets with more than one tackle ship) you have enough dps and/or enough people with tackle to completely ignore the proposed change.

I don’t see how there currently is a problem in the game with long drawn out solo PvP fights. I also don’t see how the proposed changes would result in

This could make combat more dynamic in that there would be more warping involved in and out of combat or having to resort to d scan and warping to victims more if it takes that long to kill them?

Because there would just be one warp out of combat to a safe spot or station and then the fight is over.

The suggestion affects things it’s not intended to do and does not result in the intended gameplay.

I don’t think this is a good suggestion.

Yeah true. It would be good if people were a bit more competitive. Unfortunately it probably would just end up running away to a station. I was thinking more warping out to recover and going bacl to hunt someone or the other pilot having to chase someone who is attemtping to recover etc.

But yeah it probably would end up peeps just hiding XD

People often are competitive, but the roles usually aren’t equal.

If a cat catches a mouse but the mouse manages to get away, the mouse already won. He won’t return to try to eat the cat.

On that front i was thinking more if someone takes x amount of time to be killed just floating about waiting to die, surely that isn’t decent gameplay and they should actually get a chance to get away. If someone isn’t packing enough dps or didnt bring friends to kill someone in about 5 mins, do they really deserve the kill?.

If the other player is not able to get away or get friends, corporation members or random other people to break him free in that time, yes. Why not?

There are many tools to get out of a fight. If your enemy counters them all, do you really deserve to live after you get caught?

Try “Help, I’m attacked at asteroid belt 3 by a Stabber please someone save me” in local. Best case, your attacker gets chased off. Second best case, someone helps end your misery faster. Worst case, nobody comes. Also people get a laugh.

That’d work with my corp as when peeps go mining they make sure theyre protected or can easily call for backup from alliance and it’s like that for a lot of people, but i think about raw mechanics.

Is it decent gameplay that someone can roll up on a person and trap them into a very slow and boring death?

They’re always welcome to self-destruct or eject if they’re taking too long to die and have no friends or ways to escape their attacker. If they’re not fast enough to get out of point/scram range, don’t have an ECM burst/ECM drones/sensor damps to break locks, don’t have enough firepower to force the attacker off, don’t have enough warp stability to escape being tackled, and don’t have any backup that can help them, that sounds like they weren’t prepared and/or their attacker was. Why should they be given a get out of jail free card?

True. It was a shower thought and after a while properly thinking about it, it doesnt really affect me and isn’t my problem XD

Please no!

This would fully break any form of Big Game Hunting. It can take ages for a T1 Frigate to nibble through the defense of Cruisers and bigger. It takes more than enough time to get through the drones, especially with a good pilot micromanaging them, and then to beat their reps…

As a possibility, any scrams fitted to Destroyer sized hulls and bigger need charges…

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