this whole stabs change is complelty unfair to the players that dont participate in pvp play but build their ships to be able to not be trapped by players running scrams and disrupters. the whole change from passive to active doesnt so much bother me except for the fact that im only able to run on stab whilest players can stilll run as many scrams and or disruptors on their ships
as they want. this is unfair because the one scram is a plus 2 and yet someone running any varioation of disrupters and a scram are gonna tackle you every time now and that just unfair to the players that dont want to participate in pvp but build their ships to be able to get away from those types of players that swoop in to kill you and steal your loot. i think this change wasnt thought out and is completly unjust to everyone except the pvp players who in some ways already had and advantage with tackling ships .

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Initially they said the new stabs would be -3.

Guess not. :-1:

Because they don’t want players who don’t solely participate in PvP play to play this game.

So unfair that you cannot ignore PvP in this PvP game!


Electronic attack ship are also in danger of being nerfed, Let Us just wait for it .CCP are now predictable. 90% of thier updates are all about nerfing everything hoping to earn more money for their PA master.:laughing:



I never have fit stabilizers to ships because they have always been useless and Nerf your fit. If you learn good piloting skills and use Intel tools at your disposal then you should never have needed them in the first place. I love it when we catch and kill someone who fit a whole rack of stabs in the lows thinking it would save them. They could have used speed instead to burn back to the gate, damage to take one if us with them, Intel to avoid us etc. Instead they plan on losing with the stabs.


Of course. You just keep bumping the ship and the stabs is useless or your whole fleet has a scram or instalock MNI’s.:slightly_smiling_face:

The changes mean any solo scrammer can grab any solo ship, this means solo and small groups have no chance of survival as they can’t bypass any group. This is what dicters and hicters are for. This change literally destroys any chance solo players have of being successful financially in the game. I haven’t seen the active stabs yet and will try this but at the very least this is the worst rollout change I have ever seen.

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That seems to be their goal really.


I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m of the opinion that stabs (or dishonor modules) should have just been deleted altogether. One more thing, you must never have encountered a phobos. Otherwise you would know all your stabs were useless all along.

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Exactly, there already are several counters to stabs. This is clearly a concession for new players and a complete attack on solo and small group industrial players.

You mean dishonor modules?

I think the main impact will be on transit security so practise the MWD cloak trick. I think a stab only ever saved me from the rats on ghost sites when i pushed my luck. It is a shame there is no way you can now block more than 2 points of disruption, ever (except Venture and DST), invest in faction scrams, the profit may cover the loses xD

Here is a quick rundown of the change and a demo of the stab mechanic.

New Warp Nullification and Stabiliser Changes Explained and Demonstrate

Solo players who thinks outside the box considers gate campers just clowns.


Wut lol? I’m lowsec solo and don’t use them at all. I guess I could see them getting more use in wormholes or for industrial players. But the statement that it destroys any chance solo players have to make isk is incorrect.


bubbles work in WHs so thats a negative, nothing better then killing an astero with 3 stabs in the lows with a sabre.

Using astero just to explore cans in WH is such a dumb/ rookie idea.

why is that?

Explorer hunters in WH only deserves a trash imicus. :slightly_smiling_face: