"Vitriolic Entanglement Transducer"

here is an idea:

active module that reflects all webbing and propulsion jamming at the cost of losing the ability to warp for a given time

upon activation you shrug off any webs and scrams, you are now free to prop but at the cost of not being able to warp away (60 second effect for a 90 second debuff for example)

during the effect time your speed is lowered by a given percentage and your sig is bloomed by a bit too, but you gain some ewar resistance for the efffect time also making it harder to jam or neut you during these 60 seconds

could be used in situations where a ship is hopelessly held down to at least gain a chance to make a move, and spicen up the play for everyone to be worthwhile and interesting in stale situations


Would you want this to disable jumping too? Or would it be a ‘burn back to gate’ module.

Also, it would require a meta-version named ‘Bitter’.

Not a good idea.

Consider how overpowered this will make kiting ships after implementation. The meta would shift even more towards fast nano ships.

Pretty much this.

When a kiter faces a brawler, the brawler has a second, maybe two seconds, to land a scram/web.

If it does, the brawler wins. If it doesn’t the brawler loses.

This mod would take away that ~two second window to capture the kiter and the kiter would always win.

ye some good points, it would definately need to prevent jumping yes. maybe the brawler/kiter situation would be fairer if the ships that activated the module is dropping its own tackle for the debuff duration also?

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