The booby trap module, or: instagankrevenge

A hauler has virtually no counter play against gankers. If they catch you, you’re dead, and in hisec so are they, but their alt will scoop your stuff and so they win anyway.

But what if haulers had a chance at having the last laugh? Enter: the booby trap module.

I’m thinking of something, low slot probably, that takes a big bite out of your fitting so that it requires some sacrifice. A module that applies an electrical lining grid on your cargo space, that when blown up, has a base 40% chance of putting your dropped wreckage under an inabilitating high voltage charge. As soon as someone tries to open the container, their capacitor is drained for the duration of a suspect timer, basically making them dead in the water.
This module would require a certain skill, which raises the chance of an effective trap by 5%. Level V would unlock the T2 version, with a base chance of 50%, giving it a 70% chance when the skill level is factored in.

I think this would bring some satisfaction to haulers and even for the gankers, this would add a bit of excitement to their play.

Gankers plural, so make friends.

Why should anyone have a chance 1 versus many?

2 players in corvettes should be able to insta kill a Titan!

Shitty argument is shitty. Don’t forget that regardless of where they are now from a proliferation standpoint, Titans were introduced as (and still technically are) alliance level assets.

Use a more reasonable example, such as 2 corvettes against a battleship, and it’s actually doable.

Not to mention that the argument you’re speaking against said nothing about which hulls, and instead about a many vs one scenario. Particularly in this case, they’ve brought what is undeniably a hard counter to the ship they’re targeting.

As for the OP’s actual idea, there are similar concepts posted at least once a week.

Haulers gain their satisfaction by not getting caught. If you want revenge, fit a cyno. Yes I know you’re talking about HS where a cyno does jack squat, but so does immobilizing the MTU that scooped your loot.

Initiate self-destruct and pray to the loot fairy that none of your cargo drops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alliance level bleah bleah. I am not in an Alliance and own a Nyx, Aeon, Erebus, and a Avatar.

I’d repeat myself, but a quote works better.

I would make a point.
But the four words below sum up your argument.

Glad we can agree that your argument is ■■■■.

No, you provided a summary of what my argument was. My argument was that your argument was ■■■■. I don’t deny that.

There’s plenty you can do before the gank.

The gameplay is there. That’s why some players are much harder to gank than others.

Play smart.

2 or more vs 1 should always result in a death. No mention is made of the size of the ships.
So 2 corvettes vs a titan.

Your special needs argument and topic derailment is titans shouldn’t count because alliance level bleah bleah retardation.

So fine. 2 corvettes vs a Thanatos.
Or is that bad because Corp level assets?

How about 1000 shuttles vs an assault frig?
No? Travel level assets?

Whatever dude. Keep ganking and supporting ganking.
When it is nerfed in to the ground because people like you couldn’t control yourselves you will only have yourselves to blame.

Yes, I know how to avoid it. My post and scenario is for when you couldn’t.

How could you not avoid it?

Surely if you are fitting the mod, then you are preparing for the possibility of a gank, yes?

Then why not prepare for a gank properly?

Oh, I see. Except, as I already said, nobody said anything about the hulls. 1 vs many does not preclude the use of advantageous hulls. 2 Titans vs 1 Titan, for example.

Nobody would expect a pair of frigates to beat a RLML cerb either - but we aren’t talking about that.

Salt’s comment was clearly directly relating to many ganking one, and as I already said, we’re already talking about a hard-counter composition. Cherry picking some hyperbole-ridden example to illustrate your point is quite simply shitty argumentation.

The moment you strip the hyperbole out of your example, those 2 corvettes get a lot more dangerous. Ironically, they’re a reasonable counter to battleships which is why it works.

I said as much, but I’m guessing you never bothered to actually read it.

So you’re 100% sure you can haul anything through any system in any kind of vessel, 100% of the time?

Webbers. There are haulers who’ve hauled for years and never been caught. Your mistake is assuming that you can do it solo… if the gankers are working as a team, so must you. Eve is a massively multiplayer game and it is designed as such.

Well yeah.

Far more useful than your mod is just being careful.

When I’m careful i don’t lose capacity and i don’t lose my stuff.

See, that’s the thing. I mustn’t. I’m sick and tired of this eternal argument that you can’t play this game by yourself. You can and I’ve been doing it for many years. And I fully accept that I can lose my stuff that way. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a means to have the last laugh even if it is from a fresh clone.