Titan module - system jammer

(Blade Darth) #1

It would work similar to the POS mod, except… it would prohibit ships from both jumping in and out.


  • Titan high slot
  • At least 1000km from nearest structure to use
  • Stuck while activated (10 min cycle)
  • 1-2 min “warm up”
  • Shows up in system-wide overview, like a cyno.
  • Consumes considerable amounts of fuel, enough to make resupply-runs necessary

Coupled with observatories (no cloaking and going afk for either fleet) it could provide interesting engagement options and ensure SOMETHING dies. Be it the titan itself, supply hauler, or fleet members straggling on a gate while trying to extract. No more easy moonwalking.

(Old Pervert) #2

We’d just run it during primetime and rat/mine with impunity. Wouldn’t even need to think about local, just have someone watch for new signatures.

It couldn’t possibly consume more isk (via stront or other fuel) than an alliance could make.

Consider the dude in delve with 500 (hyperbole) rorqs, strip mining an entire system at once. Spin up a titan, he’d never have to worry. Just keep stuff in the system to roll holes… assuming those work at all.

(Cade Windstalker) #3

Yeah I’m going with Old Pervert on this one.

That’s drastically OP to the point where anything that might remotely feasibly make it balanced would also make it beyond worthless to actually use.

(Old Pervert) #4

If you want something a bit more balanced, I’d suggest that keepstars get a “remote controlled anchor bubble” module. Push a button and 5 pre-placed bubbles go online somewhere in system. After you cycle it down, 5 bubbles go offline, ready to be activated again later.

That way your space (if you have a keepstar there it is your space now haha!) can be controlled, and you’ve got a massive advantage over the neuts.

I’m not advocating it, I’m just saying it’s MORE balanced than the OP suggestion.

(Blade Darth) #5

Probably. I didn’t think of the Krab aspect.