Ganking needs fixing! Proposal

I`m bored at work, so this is my proposal:

Introduce a new module: high slot, cpu/pwg as a cyno, duration 10 minutes, requires Liquid ozone to function (with an associated skill to reduce consumption, like cyno), gives the ship an weapon timer and puts it into siege.

What it does: every server tick (1 secod) pulses on 50km AOE and cargo scan ships in the AOE. The results (estimated cargo value in ISK) will be displayed on overview (needs new column) and on ship label in space.

Extra option (dependent on a secondary skill): u can set a cargo value threshold (lets say 1 bil) and if it identifies such a ship, will broadcast it to fleet. Also puts an overlay big red arrow towards the identified ship with text “This one! SHOOT!”.

Extra extra option: sends the identified ship a flashy red message: “Oh man! You did it again!


Could just have a pop up like the Survey Scanner II or something. Allows you to sort, categorize or organize maybe, select a broadcast option to bradcast to fleet members and fleet history.

What would be nice is have it colored to this value or whatever you define.

Ganking does need fixing, we need more of it!!

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This module should also scan the bio of all capsuleers for a valid mining permit and give a suspect timer to any pilot lacking a valid permit.


Excellent idea, I recommend that it reactive automatically with a 1 second cycle time, and open a different popup for each ship in the area every activation.


I used to agree it did but with the war deck mechanics changed there is now often no other recourse to get back at someone and encourage destruction when the targets have no structures. Ganking must stay.

Allow dreads so I can stick two on every gate in Jita


Hehe cool idea!!!

Bring back Hulkageddon

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