[proposal] Give suspect timers to those using cargo scanners

In the interest of more content and pvp, I propose to make cargo scanners give the user a suspect timer.

I would edit the OP to something else and whistle innocently so I didn’t get into trouble.


I understand now - naively that the thread was intentionally derailed to perhaps never have it raised, here.

I don’t think that it was the intent of CCP falcon stop me contacting the CSM about this. However i do agree that the thread had gone off topic and was becoming a ground of random arguments some ad hominem

Finally as a player and CMS voter, Posting here is the only way I know how to raise issues with the CSM. Whether these are taking further is up to CCP.

I mean no disrespect - my proposal remains.

Have you tried to reach them through in game Eve-mail? I think there are less risky avenues available. I recognize you mean no ill intention and I do think your thread met an unfair end, but I would hate to see a ban hammer come your way, temporary or otherwise.

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In the interest of proper discussion, post it in the correct forum section: #technology-research:player-features-ideas

Yeah, no kidding. CCP could give you a instagib button and you’d still be too chicken to engage in pvp. So what is this really? A “please nerf gankers” stealth whine thread?

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Well if it’s in the interest of content and PvP, why stop there?

Just make everyone suspect, constantly.

In the interest of content and PvP of course.


Right now this seems like you are using the CSM as a Falcon-shield. I’ve got a feeling that this is not going to end well.


Man that’d be ■■■■■■■ grand!

plus 1 from me i fully support that idea, create more content and allow for more hisec pvp. nothing like floating about in my legion popin criminals.

This conversation already went on for ~600 posts. Everything that need be said, has been said.

And @CCP_Falcon said “do not re-open it”, which is precisely what you’ve done. CSM can read all the forums, not just this one. If they wanted to chip in during the original conversation, they would have done so.

Flagging scanners is a pro-active penalty. You’re punishing someone for considering committing a crime. Scanning a ship is often a prelude to shooting a ship, and shooting is already a crime. Nothing in Eve punishes proactively. There is no harm done by scanning someone, only by shooting them once you realize they have valuables.




This has been brought to the attention of the CSM, archived discussion is in place.

Do not re-open this thread.