Ship/Cargo-Scan results also piped to scanned player

If someone scans an aspect of my ship, I’d like to see the both the attempt and any results show up in an info window on my screen. Obviously what I want is a tool to help me separate the scan-bots from the real players.

No one in their right mind would pay to sit down at a poker table in Vegas across from 4 guys sharing their cards with each other, and looking over your shoulder at a mirror on the wall reflecting yours, while simultaneously referring to laptops to determine odds of cards remaining to be dealt; much less when the bulk of the process is automated.

This request involves no more magic than ECM sources remaining visible in both range and azimuth to the target, beacons which announce to the universe where a filament is occurring, or Skiffs aligning slower than propped Bowheads.

That’s it; a few minor requests would be:

  1. Static tool-tip/info-window that could be placed at player discretion.
  2. Reduction in API tools which abet automation.
  3. Utility bay in all ships – I believe this to be a fairly common request


Passive targeting modules exist for a reason. You don’t even know you are being targeted or scanned…


if paying attention you still see and hear the scan ping/beam

Yes, but is it you or one of the 50 other ships on the gate they are scanning…


No contest, but it’s being abused; if the game is rigged, it is not a game.

How is it rigged? Like anything else in EVE, there is a counter. If you are that worried about your cargo being scanned, use a blockade runner. Their cargo hold can’t be scanned…


Nah bro, learn to EVE :smiley:

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Took you a while to realize that the whole ganking is automated and all these clients multiboxed are running in memory. We know this for decade yet CCP is not doing anything about it. Is is totally unfair to our hauling and mining bots isn’t it?


Almost. I suspect I was pretty much there after the first month, but it did take me a very long time to accept that CCP was ‘good’ with that, you are right on the money there. Ganking has not hurt me; I added up my losses in the combat history list and found the ‘falling asleep’ and ‘hold my beer while I do this…’ tricks cost me almost exactly 19x what totaled ganks have cost me. …And I am good with those losses. Last several Eve videos showed me in top 10% for income and jumps, so not idly mining, though gotta add I’ve never lost barge or exhumer to a gank (did lose a DST, my fault though as I knew before I jumped there would be Tornados as guy on other side messaged me – counted on cloak/warp without considering the cloud of drones I landed in).

I’m talking about gimping the tools which support automated cheating, while giving players tools which will help alert them to it. Any forced narrative revolving around ganking is a dead-end; I don’t give an ‘f’ about ganking and neither do you, it’s not an issue. Let it go.

Market-bots, rat-bots, mission-bots, scan-bots, pi-bots, etc., these are the things I am thinking of, when I think of detrimental deals in Eve. CCP has the largest npc bot population, and best experience in managing them, than any similar game which I can think of – so I find I cannot totally accept their claim that they can do little about player-bots. …it should be right down their alley.

So I test the water with a request I would like see come into being. If CCP allows the botting to continue to expand, especially if it continues down the ‘Alpha road’, what do you think the end-game will look like?


That your ship is cargo scanned can be visually seen so I am not sure what more do you want as you didn’t said that specifically, you are only giving hints.

That was quick, I didn’t even have time to log off. What I said at the beginning:

For now, this is what I want.

I suppose I missed that. Okay. Why do you need result? You know what you have in your cargo lol. Cargo scanner shows the player scanning you everything you have in all holds, I think it even shows insides of a courier contract package.

The only explanation for why would you want this is that you are lazy to zoom in and watch your ship closely to spot you are being scanned by your own eyes and you want this info being for free on a silver platter.

Yes; because right now I only know of a few of the bots (picking on scan-bots at the moment, to keep the serving size small).

I could actually care less if a player scans the boat – I want to test repeatable routes, and hope to identify to my own satisfaction and so separate the players from the bots. Nothing to do with ‘lazy’ and everything to do with reducing the size of the ‘guess.’

edit add: You see the problem, 1) you don’t know if the scan was successful, only that there was an attempt, 2) you do not know if it was a ship-scan or a cargo-scan. Without all the info, you have nothing, and if I have a problem I want to take up with CCP in need the info, not a vague list of guesses. A ‘ping’ does not cut it.

How will this help you identify whether the player is bot or not? I haven’t heard of scan bots. Not saying it is not possible of course and that activity really kinda begs for it to be botted, but I haven’t even thought of it.

I don’t think you tried the other methods to see if they are bots or not. But the problem here is that even if this part of the gank is really botted, the player behind this is definitely at his keyboard (as he is going to ready the gank fleet with that info - unless again we assume the whole gank isn’t automated) anyway so there is no proof.

But yeah I think I think of a way to get kinda solid proof that scanning pilot is botting. Yet I didn’t think of any way how would a popup window with my cargo helped that. So I guess it is “get better in EVE” as always.

I agree, I can always get better. I am happy with how I am doing now, but like many others, tired of seeing friends leave out of disappointment and disgust. Eve is a great game but it needs work, and right now lends itself more every year to those willing to purchase and use 3rd party automation.

The pop-up window, or a static-window, no difference; it would give the repetition and timing of the “player” in question. I cannot think of a better way right now then a mechanism which will work through repeated testing. Bots like repetition, people get bored.

That’s about it.

Again you can see the scanning being done against you. If it is cargo scanner. Nobody is “afk” at gate with ship fit scanner and surely nobody has a bot capable of flying around whole region, warping to belts and anomalies and fit scanning ships over and over until he gets whole fit and then sending it into chat channel.

So, if you want to see whether he scans you again when he already scanned you, then you need to learn how to find out you are being scanned which is visible and thus possible without game telling you automatically. But I wouldn’t call that a definite proof although it would be definitely good to know and use with other proofs you can get. And the bot might be smart coded enough to not scan you again anyway if you jump gate out and in again - so inconclusive.

There, here is an example of how to identify a bots. Hope it gives you some ideas.

How do you know they are a bot?

Also if it bothers you, gank them :smiley:

What about a module, Scan Sniffer, this module hacks and reports on any scan attempt on the ship.

SO now you have to use a module slot to get the same information that your opponent needs to use a module slot to get.

Good morning;

I didn’t think of that, suspect there’s a built-in bias in my mind against any more modules in this game. Not to say it is not a reasonable idea. To be honest, I don’t feel the cargo-scanner was ever a good idea from any point of view but of automation’s, but ship-scanning does have real uses. So from where I am standing now, giving everyone a built-in head’s-up tool is the way to go. Word spreads fast in Eve via Local and forum, and the effects of such information being available should go a long ways towards and identifying and suppressing that problem. And as Vokan pointed out, as you already know what was in your ship, and now the scanner knows, the alert itself is not even an arguable issue unless by one making a living off it.

Most players feel strongly about balance within a game, and games I’ve followed spent/spend a lot of time wrestling with it. Sooner or later CCP has to address the player field, which is terribly uneven now, with a minority in wholesale cheating, another minority refusing to do so, while the majority appears to me to come and go every couple of years like a tide with most never really even suspecting the problem. CCP made the problem and CCP can fix the problem if they choose.

You carebears completely ignore the fact that the cargo scanning is visible.

OP is a troll and likely a botter who wants free intel so his bot can dock automatically while he is not controlling his PC. That is all this is about.